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closeness, distance, aloofness, detachment


Suffix -acy, TOEFL 2, High School 5, Empathy and Compassion



How to pronounce intimacy (audio)


Dictionary definition of intimacy

The deep emotional connection and closeness that exists between individuals, whether it be in a romantic relationship, friendship, or familial bond.
"The couple's intimacy grew stronger as they shared their deepest secrets with each other."

Detailed meaning of intimacy

It is the quality of knowing and understanding someone on a profoundly personal level, creating an atmosphere of trust, vulnerability, and mutual respect. Intimacy involves sharing one's thoughts, feelings, desires, and fears with another person, without the fear of judgment or rejection. It encompasses physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance. Intimacy is characterized by a genuine sense of affection, empathy, and compassion, allowing individuals to feel seen, heard, and valued for who they truly are. It is a vital component in fostering meaningful connections and enriching the human experience.

Example sentences containing intimacy

1. Trust is the foundation of intimacy in any relationship.
2. They enjoyed the intimacy of cuddling together on the couch.
3. Emotional intimacy can be achieved through open and honest communication.
4. The intimacy between lifelong friends is truly special.
5. Physical intimacy is an important aspect of romantic relationships.
6. The therapist emphasized the importance of cultivating intimacy in their marriage.

History and etymology of intimacy

The noun 'intimacy' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'intimus,' which means 'inmost' or 'innermost.' This Latin term conveyed the idea of that which is most deeply inward or closest to the heart. Over time, 'intimus' evolved into 'intimatus' in Late Latin, carrying the sense of being close or familiar. In the transition to Middle English, it became 'intimite,' signifying a state of familiarity or closeness. Eventually, it developed into the modern English term 'intimacy,' which refers to the deep emotional connection and closeness that exists between individuals, whether in the context of a romantic relationship, friendship, or familial bond. Thus, the etymology of 'intimacy' underscores the notion of something deeply personal, cherished, and closest to the heart.

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Further usage examples of intimacy

1. They longed for the intimacy of a heartfelt conversation.
2. The book explores the complexities of intimacy and human connection.
3. The artist captured the intimacy of a mother cradling her newborn baby.
4. Building intimacy requires vulnerability and a willingness to let others in.
5. The couple's intimacy was evident in the way they finished each other's sentences.
6. They cherished the intimacy of sharing their dreams and aspirations.
7. The retreat aimed to foster emotional intimacy among the participants.
8. Intimacy can create a profound sense of belonging and fulfillment in our lives.
9. Their intimacy grew stronger as they shared their life stories.
10. Intimacy is the foundation of a healthy romantic relationship.
11. Trust is essential for building emotional intimacy.
12. Friendship thrives on mutual trust and emotional intimacy.
13. They cherished the moments of intimacy in their marriage.
14. Vulnerability is a key component of emotional intimacy.
15. Physical intimacy can enhance the emotional connection.
16. Long-distance relationships require emotional intimacy.
17. Intimacy deepens with time in a loving partnership.
18. Open communication fosters emotional intimacy in families.
19. They valued the intimacy of their late-night conversations.
20. Their friendship was built on a foundation of shared intimacy.
21. Emotional intimacy can help heal past wounds.
22. They worked on rebuilding the lost intimacy in their relationship.
23. Intimacy can be expressed through small gestures of affection.
24. Creating intimacy takes time and effort in any relationship.
25. A lack of intimacy can lead to feelings of loneliness.
26. They rediscovered their lost intimacy through therapy.
27. Personal growth can enhance the intimacy within oneself.
28. The couple's intimacy was strengthened by their shared interests.

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