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How to pronounce grapple (audio)


Dictionary definition of grapple

To fight or struggle in physical combat, or more generally with a difficult or complex situation.
"The city council continues to grapple with the housing crisis that has gripped the region."

Detailed meaning of grapple

Grappling typically involves two individuals trying to overpower each other, using their strength and skill to gain an advantage. Grappling can involve a variety of techniques, such as wrestling, holding, or striking, and can take place in a controlled or unstructured setting, such as a wrestling match or a street fight. When two people grapple, they are engaged in a physical struggle, trying to gain control or dominance over the other. The verb "grapple" can also be used more broadly to describe the act of struggling with a difficult or complex situation, as in "she grappled with the decision for days before finally making up her mind." In both senses, the term "grapple" is used to describe a struggle or conflict, whether physical or mental.

It can also refer to a tool, typically with claws or hooks, used for grasping and holding onto an object or surface. The verb form of grapple, can also be used to describe the act of struggling or wrestling with someone or something, both physically and figuratively.

In a figurative sense, grapple can refer to the act of dealing with a difficult problem or situation, such as grappling with a personal issue or grappling with a complex problem at work. Additionally, grapple can also refer to the act of trying to gain control or mastery over something, such as grappling for power or control within an organization or grappling with a new skill.

Example sentences containing grapple

1. The fearless warrior had to grapple with the mighty dragon, wielding a gleaming sword.
2. In the midst of chaos, he tried to grapple with the unruly crowd to maintain order.
3. The detective had to grapple with the perplexing clues to solve the mysterious case.
4. She had to grapple with her fear of heights as she climbed the towering mountain.
5. The CEO had to grapple with the declining profits and make tough decisions.
6. As the storm raged on, the sailors had to grapple with the turbulent seas.

History and etymology of grapple

The verb 'grapple' has its origins in the Middle English word 'graplen,' which means 'to seize' or 'to grasp.' It evolved from the Old English word 'græppian,' which has similar meanings of gripping or grabbing. 'Grapple' originally referred to the physical act of seizing or grappling with someone or something in a physical combat or struggle. Over time, its usage expanded to encompass more general struggles, such as dealing with difficult or complex situations. 'Grapple' emphasizes the idea of engaging in a challenging encounter, whether it's a physical confrontation or a mental and emotional struggle. The etymology of 'grapple' underscores its historical connection to the act of seizing or grappling with adversity, highlighting the concept of confronting and dealing with difficult circumstances or opponents.

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Further usage examples of grapple

1. In the heat of the debate, the politician had to grapple with tough questions.
2. The scientist worked tirelessly to grapple with the complexities of the quantum theory.
3. The firefighter had to grapple with the blazing inferno to save lives.
4. Despite his age, the boxer continued to grapple with younger opponents.
5. The student had to grapple with a challenging math problem, determined to solve it.
6. Parents often grapple with the difficult task of raising responsible and empathetic children.
7. As a firefighter, he often had to grapple with the unpredictable nature of flames.
8. After losing his job, he grappled with feelings of worthlessness and depression.
9. Scientists grapple with the vast complexities of quantum mechanics on a daily basis.
10. The city council continues to grapple with the housing crisis that has gripped the region.
11. Emily has been grappling with her decision to move abroad for a new job opportunity.
12. Children often grapple with understanding the concept of death.
13. The company is grappling with a major public relations crisis.
14. As a society, we grapple with issues of inequality and social justice.
15. Small businesses grapple with various challenges, including regulatory burdens and funding difficulties.
16. He continues to grapple with the disease, remaining hopeful despite the difficult prognosis.
17. The government grapples with finding a balance between individual privacy rights and national security.
18. Many students grapple with the stress and pressure of academic performance.
19. The novel depicts the protagonist grappling with her personal demons and the societal expectations imposed on her.
20. The team grappled with technical problems just hours before the product launch.
21. In the therapy, she began to grapple with the root causes of her anxiety.
22. He grappled with the choice between his career and his passion for painting.
23. The young lawyer had to grapple with a complex and high-stakes case early in his career.
24. The detective grappled with the mystery, tirelessly piecing together each elusive clue.

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