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How to pronounce stump (audio)


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Dictionary definition of stump

To perplex, challenge, or puzzle someone with a question, problem, or riddle, often leaving them at a loss for a solution or answer.
"The tricky math problem managed to stump the entire class."

Detailed meaning of stump

It involves presenting a thought-provoking or difficult inquiry that causes the recipient to struggle in finding a satisfactory response. When one stumps another person, they effectively leave them feeling mentally stuck or baffled, unable to come up with a suitable resolution. The intention behind stumping someone can vary, ranging from playful teasing to testing one's knowledge or critical thinking skills. It can occur in casual conversations, academic settings, or even in competitive games that involve riddles or brain teasers.

Example sentences containing stump

1. The math problem was so complex it managed to stump even the teacher.
2. I'm sure this tricky riddle will stump you, just like it did me.
3. The sudden question about quantum physics managed to stump the science major.
4. The detective had to admit that the case had the potential to stump him.
5. I tried to stump her with a complex Sudoku puzzle.
6. The interviewer’s unexpected question was designed to stump the candidate.

History and etymology of stump

The verb 'stump,' in the context of perplexing or challenging someone with a question or problem, has an intriguing etymology. Its origins can be traced back to the practice of setting traps for game in the wilderness. Early hunters would construct elaborate snares using tree stumps as a crucial part of their designs. These traps were often so cleverly concealed and puzzling that they would leave even the most experienced trackers at a loss. Over time, the term 'stump' became synonymous with a perplexing or baffling situation, eventually evolving into a verb to describe the act of presenting someone with a difficult question or problem, much like the challenging traps of yesteryears' hunters.

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Further usage examples of stump

1. The teacher often tried to stump the class with challenging brain teasers.
2. "Let's see if this mystery novel can stump you," she said, handing me the book.
3. I love trying to stump my friends with tricky riddles and puzzles.
4. The philosophical question about the meaning of life is bound to stump most people.
5. The final question in the quiz managed to stump all the contestants.
6. She tried to stump him with a question about abstract art.
7. The complex equation managed to stump all the mathematicians in the room.
8. The crossword puzzle in today's newspaper is tricky enough to stump anyone.
9. The complexity of the murder mystery was designed to stump even the most experienced detectives.
10. The labyrinthine maze was intended to stump every person who dared to enter.
11. "Try this one," he said, hoping the intricate puzzle would stump her.
12. The sophisticated chess move was set to stump his opponent.
13. The sudden change in the plot of the book will stump any avid reader.
14. "Let's stump the audience with an unexpected twist in our play," the director suggested.



perplex, enlighten, inform, clarify


SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Problems and Conundrums, Puzzlement and Perplexity

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