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How to pronounce sublime (audio)

Dictionary definition of sublime

Of the highest, most elevated, or transcendent quality, often evoking a sense of awe, wonder, or profound admiration.
"The painting captured the sublime beauty of the natural world."

Detailed meaning of sublime

When something is referred to as sublime, it suggests that it possesses an extraordinary beauty, grandeur, or significance that goes beyond the ordinary or the mundane. This term is commonly used in contexts related to nature, art, and experiences that inspire a deep sense of awe and reverence. For example, a sublime landscape might feature breathtaking mountains or a magnificent sunset, while a sublime piece of music or literature can evoke profound emotional or intellectual responses. "Sublime" underscores the idea of something being exceptionally magnificent and awe-inspiring, often touching on the profound and the transcendent, leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter it.

Example sentences containing sublime

1. The view from the mountaintop was truly sublime, with endless vistas stretching out before us.
2. Her performance on the piano was nothing short of sublime, moving the audience to tears.
3. The artist's use of color and light created a sublime painting that seemed to glow from within.
4. As the sun set over the ocean, the sky transformed into a sublime display of colors.
5. The novel's prose was so beautifully written that reading it felt like a journey into the sublime.
6. The orchestra's rendition of the symphony was a sublime experience, filling the concert hall with emotion.

History and etymology of sublime

The adjective 'sublime' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'sublimis,' which combines 'sub-' (meaning 'up to' or 'toward') and 'limen' (signifying 'threshold' or 'lintel'). 'Sublime' describes something of the highest, most elevated, or transcendent quality, often evoking a sense of awe, wonder, or profound admiration. The term embodies the concept of reaching beyond ordinary boundaries, ascending to extraordinary heights, or touching the very threshold of the divine. 'Sublime' is often used to describe experiences, works of art, or natural phenomena that inspire deep reverence and a sense of grandeur. It reflects the human capacity to recognize and be profoundly moved by the extraordinary and the transcendent in various aspects of life, from the beauty of nature to the power of human creativity and thought.

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Further usage examples of sublime

1. The architecture of the cathedral was a perfect example of sublime craftsmanship.
2. Nature's power and beauty were on full display during the storm, creating a sublime spectacle.
3. The ballet dancer's movements were so graceful and precise that they appeared almost sublime.
4. The philosopher's ideas about the interconnectedness of all life were truly sublime.
5. The quiet solitude of the forest was a sublime escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
6. Standing beneath the waterfall, I felt the sublime force of nature's raw energy.
7. The chef's fusion of flavors created a sublime dining experience that lingered on the palate.
8. The poetry of Wordsworth often explored the sublime aspects of nature and human emotion.
9. The cathedral's intricate stained glass windows cast a sublime glow throughout the interior.
10. The night sky in the desert was a sublime canvas of stars, awe-inspiring in its vastness.
11. The composer's symphony was a sublime blend of melodies that stirred the soul.
12. The hike to the summit was challenging but rewarded us with a sublime panoramic view.
13. The architecture of the ancient temple evoked a sense of sublime spirituality.
14. The moment of stillness before the storm was both eerie and sublime, a calm before chaos.



magnificent, ordinary, mundane, trivial


Prefix sub-, GRE 13 (Graduate Record Examination), Excellence and Virtue, Ambition and Drive, Attraction and Allure, Beauty and Appearance, Resilience and Resolve, Passion and Pulchritude, Persistence and Perseverance, Excellence and Eminence, Aesthetic and Appearance

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