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How to pronounce swagger (audio)

Dictionary definition of swagger

A confident and arrogant manner or gait, characterized by bold or self-assured actions and statements.
"He had a swagger that made him seem like he owned the place."

Detailed meaning of swagger

The term is often used to describe a person who walks or carries themselves with a bold and assertive attitude, conveying an impression of strength, power, or charisma. Swagger can also be a synonym for style or flair, especially in the way someone presents themselves or performs a task. The term has become popular in the realm of hip-hop and urban culture, where it is often associated with a bold, flashy, and unapologetic personality. In general, swagger suggests a certain level of flair, originality, and confidence in one's own abilities, which can be both appealing and intimidating to others.

Example sentences containing swagger

1. With the swagger of a seasoned politician, he entered the room, commanding immediate attention.
2. He walked across the stage with a swagger that told you he'd done this a thousand times before.
3. The rockstar's swagger was just as captivating as his music.
4. Despite his youth, the quarterback had the swagger of a veteran player.
5. She carried an air of swagger that made her stand out in the corporate world.
6. The swagger in his voice could only be attributed to his unflinching self-confidence.

History and etymology of swagger

The noun 'swagger' has an etymology that suggests a bold and self-assured demeanor. It is believed to have originated from the Scottish Gaelic word 'swag,' which means 'to sway' or 'to reel.' This term was initially used to describe the swaying or rolling gait of a person walking with confidence. Over time, 'swagger' evolved to encompass not just the physical manner of walking but also a confident and often arrogant demeanor. It came to describe individuals who carried themselves with boldness, making self-assured actions and statements. The etymology of 'swagger' underscores its historical association with the confident and bold way of carrying oneself, highlighting the sense of self-assuredness and sometimes even arrogance that it conveys.

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Further usage examples of swagger

1. There was an undeniable swagger in the way she took command of the situation.
2. He wore his newfound success with a swagger that was hard to ignore.
3. There's a certain swagger that comes with being the best at what you do.
4. She had the swagger of someone who knows their worth and isn't afraid to show it.
5. You could see the swagger in his step after he won the chess tournament.
6. As the captain of the ship, his swagger was a source of inspiration for his crew.
7. His hat tipped to the side, the cowboy walked with a swagger that was palpable.
8. The actor carried an off-screen swagger that was as endearing as his on-screen persona.
9. Her poise and swagger were the perfect embodiment of a confident leader.
10. He drove his sports car with a swagger that turned heads.
11. There was a noticeable swagger in her gait as she accepted the accolade.
12. The way he told stories, there was a distinct swagger in his narrative style.
13. His tennis serve had a certain swagger, almost a taunt towards his competitors.
14. She walked down the aisle with an audacious swagger, the wedding guests couldn't help but smile.



bravado, humility, meekness, timidity


Character Traits and Behavior, Vitality and Vigor, Middle School 7, Demeanor and Bearing

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