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How to pronounce synergy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of synergy

The production of something greater than the sum of its individual parts.
"The synergy of the team's diverse skills and perspectives led to innovative solutions."

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Detailed meaning of synergy

Synergy refers to the interaction or cooperation of two or more things to produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term is often used in business and management to describe the positive relationship between different departments, teams or even companies, when they work together effectively. Synergy can be created by combining resources, skills and knowledge to achieve a common goal. When a group of people work together in a synergistic manner, they are able to achieve more than they could have individually. Synergy can also refer to the way in which different elements of a system interact and complement each other to create a cohesive whole. In this way, the term is used to describe the cooperation of various parts of a system to produce an outcome that is greater than what could be achieved by any of the parts working alone.

Example sentences containing synergy

1. The synergy between the marketing and sales teams boosted our annual revenue significantly.
2. There's a clear synergy in combining their unique skills, which benefits the entire project.
3. One could not deny the synergy between the musicians as their harmony filled the air.
4. Our project success was greatly attributed to the team's incredible synergy.
5. The synergy between the two companies resulted in a successful merger.
6. A synergy of different cuisines often results in innovative and delicious fusion dishes.

History and etymology of synergy

The noun 'synergy' has its etymological roots in the Greek word 'synergia,' which combines 'syn,' meaning 'together,' and 'ergon,' meaning 'work' or 'action.' In its original Greek context, 'synergia' referred to the cooperative or combined action of two or more elements working together to achieve a result greater than the sum of their individual efforts. This concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts has been a fundamental aspect of synergy's meaning throughout its evolution. In modern usage, 'synergy' is used to describe the harmonious interaction of elements or components in a system or process, resulting in an outcome that is more effective, efficient, or productive than what could be achieved by each element individually. It encapsulates the idea that when different parts work together in a coordinated manner, the overall effect is enhanced, creating a synergistic effect.

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Further usage examples of synergy

1. The synergy in the classroom helped in creating a better learning environment for all students.
2. The doctor and nurse demonstrated perfect synergy during the complex surgical procedure.
3. In nature, we often find examples of synergy between different species.
4. The synergy among the athletes enabled the team to win the championship.
5. Their synergy is evident in the co-authored book's coherent and fluid style.
6. You can maximize synergy in a team by promoting open communication and collaboration.
7. The synergy of science and technology has paved the way for numerous advancements.
8. Exploring the synergy between traditional and digital art forms can lead to unique creations.
9. Understanding the synergy of ingredients in a recipe is key to cooking a great dish.
10. The synergy in their relationship was the foundation of their strong and lasting partnership.
11. Synergy is often a by-product of well-functioning, diverse teams.
12. Our hope is to achieve greater synergy between the research and development departments.
13. The merger aimed at capitalizing on the synergy between the two tech firms.
14. Through synergy, we can overcome challenges that seem insurmountable when faced alone.



cooperation, discord, disunity, conflict


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