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Definition of 'technophobe'

An individual who harbors a strong aversion, fear, or reluctance towards technology.
"My grandfather is a technophobe who still prefers writing letters by hand rather than using email."

Detailed Meaning of 'technophobe'

A technophobe is someone who feels anxious, apprehensive, or overwhelmed by the use or integration of technological devices, systems, or advancements in their daily lives. They often exhibit a resistance or refusal to adopt or embrace new technologies, preferring traditional methods or avoiding technological tools altogether. Technophobes may experience a lack of confidence or competence in utilizing digital devices or navigating digital platforms, which can lead to a sense of alienation or exclusion in a technologically driven society. Their fear of technology may stem from various reasons, including concerns about privacy, security, complexity, or the potential impact on social interactions. Technophobes tend to prefer familiar and established practices, showing a preference for the status quo and resisting the rapid pace of technological advancements.


Examples of 'technophobe' in a Sentence

1. The technophobe's fear of smartphones prevented them from enjoying the convenience of mobile apps.
2. My grandmother is a technophobe; she still uses a rotary phone.
3. The technophobe next door finally caved and bought a smartphone.
4. As a technophobe, Mark finds online banking to be a daunting task.
5. The company's new software update didn't go over well with the technophobe employees.
6. The technophobe was visibly frustrated when he couldn't get his new TV to work.

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Origins & Etymology of 'technophobe'

The noun 'technophobe' combines the Greek word 'techno,' which pertains to 'technology' or 'art,' with 'phobia,' derived from the Greek 'phobos,' meaning 'fear' or 'aversion.' This etymology aptly describes an individual who harbors a strong aversion, fear, or reluctance towards technology. A 'technophobe' is characterized by a profound discomfort or fear of modern technological advancements and innovations. The term underscores the psychological aspect of this apprehension, highlighting the emotional and irrational nature of the fear. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, 'technophobes' represent a segment of society that struggles to adapt to or embrace the digital age, often due to anxieties or discomfort rooted in unfamiliarity.


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