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How to pronounce tenure (audio)

Dictionary definition of tenure

The status or condition of holding a particular position, job, office, or property for an extended period, often with the expectation of permanence or security.
"Her tenure as the company's CEO led to significant growth and innovation."

Detailed meaning of tenure

It signifies the duration or terms of one's occupancy, employment, or ownership in a specific role or position. In academic and professional contexts, "tenure" often refers to the status granted to professors or employees after a probationary period, ensuring job security and academic freedom. In property and real estate, it can refer to the rights of possession and use of land or property. "Tenure" is associated with the idea of stability, security, and the rights and responsibilities that come with a long-term commitment to a particular role or asset. Overall, it encompasses the concept of holding or possessing something with a sense of continuity and assurance.

Example sentences containing tenure

1. Her tenure as the company's CEO led to significant growth and innovation.
2. The professor's insightful contributions during his tenure greatly enriched the department.
3. During his tenure as mayor, the city underwent numerous positive changes.
4. The artist's tenure at the gallery showcased a diverse range of creative expressions.
5. The professor's tenure allowed him to explore unconventional research topics.
6. Employees eagerly awaited the results of the tenure review process.

History and etymology of tenure

The noun 'tenure' traces its etymological lineage to the Latin term 'tenere,' meaning 'to hold' or 'to keep.' In medieval Latin, the word 'tenitura' emerged, signifying the act of holding or possessing land. As this concept evolved, 'tenure' came to represent not only the holding of land but also the holding of a particular position, job, office, or property for an extended period, often with the expectation of permanence or security. This etymological journey reflects the fundamental notion that 'tenure' involves the act of holding or maintaining something over time, emphasizing its historical connection between the sense of security and extended possession inherent in the word's modern definition.

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Further usage examples of tenure

1. The musician's tenure with the orchestra produced some of their most memorable performances.
2. She had an impressive tenure as the editor-in-chief of the renowned magazine.
3. The tenure system offers a balance between academic freedom and job security.
4. The tenure of the current president has been marked by several policy reforms.
5. The professor's tenure track requires them to publish original research regularly.
6. His tenure as captain of the team led to several championship victories.
7. The tenure of the committee members is limited to two years.
8. During his tenure, the company introduced groundbreaking technological advancements.
9. The artist's tenure as a visiting lecturer inspired students to think creatively.
10. The tenure review board assesses candidates based on their contributions to the field.
11. The university has a rigorous process for granting tenure to its faculty members.
12. Her tenure in the diplomatic corps allowed her to foster international cooperation.
13. The challenges faced during her tenure as CEO tested her leadership skills.
14. Her tenure as CEO marked a period of remarkable growth for the company.
15. The professor received tenure after years of dedication to research and teaching.
16. In academia, achieving tenure is a significant milestone in one's career.
17. The government official's tenure was marked by several key policy changes.
18. The artist's tenure at the gallery led to numerous successful exhibitions.
19. The CEO's long tenure brought stability to the organization.
20. Teachers work tirelessly to earn tenure in the education system.
21. During her tenure, the mayor implemented innovative urban development projects.
22. The athlete's tenure with the team saw multiple championship victories.
23. The judge's tenure on the bench was characterized by fair and just decisions.
24. His tenure as landlord was marred by disputes with tenants.



incumbency, transience, temporariness, brevity


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), Advancement and Improvement, Space and Positioning

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