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How to pronounce territorial (audio)


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Dictionary definition of territorial

Referring to the strong association or attachment to a particular space, often involving a sense of ownership, control, or protection.
"The territorial disputes between the neighboring countries caused tensions to rise."

Detailed meaning of territorial

The adjective "territorial" describes something or someone related to a specific territory or region and the possession or defense of that area. When applied to individuals or animals, being territorial implies a strong desire to establish and defend one's own territory against intruders or potential threats. This behavior is commonly observed in various animal species, where individuals mark and defend their territories through various means, such as vocalization, scent marking, or aggressive displays. In a broader sense, the term "territorial" can also be used to describe political or national boundaries, as well as the actions and policies aimed at protecting and asserting control over a specific geographic area. Overall, the adjective "territorial" conveys the concept of possession, protection, and attachment to a particular territory, whether it pertains to individuals, animals, or larger geopolitical contexts.

Example sentences containing territorial

1. As the new cat entered the room, the old cat hissed, clearly showing its territorial behavior.
2. The regional governor announced new policies to improve the infrastructure in his territorial jurisdiction.
3. The birds in my garden are quite territorial; they chase away any new birds that try to join them.
4. The students studied the territorial expansion of the Roman Empire in their history class.
5. The museum had a fascinating exhibit on the territorial culture and traditions of indigenous tribes.
6. The company is seeking to hire a territorial sales manager to oversee the sales in the northeastern region.

History and etymology of territorial

The adjective 'territorial' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'terra,' which means 'land' or 'earth.' This etymology aptly captures the essence of 'territorial' as referring to the strong association or attachment to a particular space, often involving a sense of ownership, control, or protection over a specific land or territory. 'Territorial' underscores the deep connection humans and animals alike can feel towards the land they inhabit or claim as their own, reflecting the inherent need to establish boundaries and defend one's space in the natural world. It encompasses not only the physical aspects of a territory but also the psychological and emotional dimensions that come with the sense of place and belonging.

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Further usage examples of territorial

1. The territorial waters of the island nation are teeming with an abundance of marine life.
2. In the animal kingdom, being territorial is often a natural instinct to protect resources and offspring.
3. The territorial army was called in to assist the national forces in disaster relief efforts.
4. The government's territorial claims in the South China Sea have been a point of international contention.
5. The territorial markings left by the wolves help them to establish and maintain their range within the forest.
6. The territorial dispute over the border escalated into a heated conflict.
7. Cats can be quite territorial, fiercely defending their turf.
8. His territorial instincts kicked in when someone entered his office.
9. The company's territorial expansion strategy yielded impressive results.
10. The dog's barking was a sign of his territorial behavior.
11. National parks aim to preserve the territorial integrity of wildlife habitats.
12. The new manager was territorial about her team's responsibilities.
13. The territorial rights to the fishing grounds were a point of contention.
14. She felt a strong territorial connection to her childhood home.
15. The territorial governor faced challenges in maintaining order.
16. His territorial claims over the garage space led to arguments with neighbors.
17. The cat's territorial markings were evident on every tree in the yard.
18. The territorial rivalry between the two sports teams fueled fierce competition.
19. The territorial expansion of the empire was a key historical event.
20. The territorial instincts of the wolf pack ensured their survival.
21. The territorial boundaries of the reservation were clearly defined.
22. Her territorial attitude made it difficult to share office space.
23. The territorial dispute over the island remained unresolved for years.
24. His territorial nature extended to protecting his family at all costs.
25. The territorial map showed the division of land among tribes.



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