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How to pronounce tether (audio)

Dictionary definition of tether

To tie or bind something to a fixed object or point, typically with a rope, chain, or other material.
"Please tether the dog to the leash before taking it for a walk."

Detailed meaning of tether

The purpose of tethering is to prevent the object from moving or straying too far from the fixed point. For example, a dog may be tethered to a post in a yard to prevent it from running away, or a hot air balloon may be tethered to the ground to prevent it from drifting away. In some cases, tethering can be used figuratively to mean restricting or limiting someone's freedom or mobility. For example, a person may feel tethered to their job or responsibilities, meaning that they are unable to pursue other opportunities or experiences. In general, the verb tether implies a degree of control or restraint over the object or person being tethered.

Example sentences containing tether

1. The horse's tether was securely fastened to the post.
2. Astronauts rely on a safety tether during spacewalks.
3. The dog strained at its tether, eager to explore.
4. We need a longer tether for the boat to reach the dock.
5. Climbers use a strong tether for added security.
6. She held the balloon's tether tightly in her hand.

History and etymology of tether

The verb 'tether' has its etymological origins in the Old English word 'tethian,' which meant 'to tie' or 'to fasten.' It can also be traced back to the Old Norse word 'tjoðr,' meaning 'tether' or 'rope.' 'Tether' describes the action of tying or binding something to a fixed object or point, often with a rope, chain, or other material, effectively restricting its movement within a specific area. The term conveys the idea of creating a secure connection or boundary, whether it be for the restraint of animals, the anchoring of objects, or other purposes requiring confinement or limitation. 'Tether' embodies the concept of control and restraint through a physical link, emphasizing the role of a tether in confining or guiding the movement of the tethered object or being.

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Further usage examples of tether

1. The tent's tether was anchored firmly in the ground.
2. The researcher checked the equipment's tether for stability.
3. Secure the luggage with a sturdy tether to the roof rack.
4. The parade float's banner fluttered from its tether.
5. The bungee jumper's safety relies on a strong tether.
6. He will tether the horse to the post.
7. The climber will tether himself to the safety rope.
8. She used a rope to tether the boat to the dock.
9. They tethered the hot air balloon to the ground before the flight.
10. The camper will tether the tent to the stakes to secure it in place.
11. The astronaut will tether herself to the spacecraft during the spacewalk.
12. The worker will tether the equipment to prevent it from falling.
13. He needs to tether the kite string to keep it from flying away.
14. The shepherd will tether the sheep to keep them in a designated area.
15. The mountaineer will tether himself to the anchor point while climbing.
16. She will tether the helium balloons to the table for the party decorations.
17. The sailor will tether the sailboat to the buoy in the harbor.
18. The hiker will tether his backpack to a tree to prevent it from getting lost.
19. The photographer will tether the camera to the tripod for stability.
20. The trainer will tether the falcon to his glove during the demonstration.
21. The driver will tether the luggage to the roof rack of the car.
22. The fisherman will tether the fishing net to the boat while casting.
23. The gardener will tether the plant to the stake for support.
24. The researcher will tether the tracking device to the animal for monitoring.



secure, release, free, untie


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