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How to pronounce titan (audio)


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Dictionary definition of titan

A figure of great importance, power, or influence.
"She was a titan of the fashion world, revolutionizing the industry with her innovative designs."


Detailed meaning of titan

In mythology, the Titans were a race of divine beings, precursors to the Olympian gods, known for their immense strength and vast abilities. In a broader context, "titan" can refer to an individual or entity that holds a dominant position or exhibits extraordinary strength, intellect, or influence in a particular field or industry. It signifies a person or thing of colossal size, significance, or achievement. The term "titan" often implies a sense of awe, reverence, or admiration for the remarkable qualities and achievements associated with the entity in question. It can denote someone who has achieved legendary status or someone who is at the forefront of their profession or discipline. The noun "titan" captures the essence of greatness, power, and prominence, embodying the characteristics of an extraordinary and exceptional figure or entity.

Example sentences containing titan

1. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a titan who held up the heavens.
2. The billionaire philanthropist became a titan in the world of charity.
3. He emerged as a titan in the world of finance with his innovative ideas.
4. The company's founder was a titan in the automotive industry.
5. She's known as a titan of the fashion world, with her own label.
6. John Rockefeller was a titan of the oil industry in the 19th century.

History and etymology of titan

The noun 'titan' draws its etymological roots from the ancient Greek word 'Titān,' referring to a race of powerful and mythological deities. In Greek mythology, the Titans were primordial beings of immense strength and significance, often associated with various elemental forces. Over time, the term 'titan' has come to symbolize a figure of great importance, power, or influence in a broader sense. This evolution of meaning reflects the enduring influence of Greek mythology and the idea of larger-than-life individuals or entities who shape the course of history or events.

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Further usage examples of titan

1. In literature, Sherlock Holmes is a titan among fictional detectives.
2. The political titan's influence extended across party lines.
3. Steve Jobs is remembered as a titan of the technology revolution.
4. The historical titan's legacy still shapes our understanding today.
5. The music industry mourned the loss of a titan in the rock genre.
6. Warren Buffett is a titan in the world of investing and finance.
7. A titan of academia, he authored numerous groundbreaking papers.
8. The company's CEO is a titan who leads by example.
9. In sports, Michael Jordan is a titan with his legendary basketball career.
10. The titan of the entertainment industry has won multiple awards.
11. The legendary explorer became a titan in the field of discovery.
12. The political titan's speeches resonated with the masses.
13. As an environmentalist, she's become a titan in conservation efforts.
14. Elon Musk is often referred to as a visionary titan in the tech industry.
15. The ancient titan Prometheus was known for his defiance against the gods.
16. The skyscraper stood tall like a titan amidst the city skyline.
17. The titan of finance made bold and lucrative investment decisions.
18. The athlete's performance on the field earned him the reputation of a sports titan.
19. The titan of literature penned several acclaimed novels that became bestsellers.
20. The business magnate built an empire, establishing himself as a titan of industry.
21. The legendary titan Hercules was known for his incredible strength and heroic feats.
22. The tech company's CEO was a titan of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology.
23. The titan of music revolutionized the genre, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.
24. The political titan was known for his charismatic leadership and influential speeches.



giant, dwarf, weakling, nonentity


Excellence and Virtue, Seduction and Allure, Strength and Resilience, Power and Control

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