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How to pronounce champion (audio)

Dictionary definition of champion

To actively support, advocate for, or defend a cause, idea, or individual.
"The professor is known to champion intellectual curiosity and critical thinking."

Detailed meaning of champion

When someone champions something, they take a proactive stance and work diligently to promote or advance its interests. This can involve speaking out in favor of a particular belief or principle, taking action to support a group or individual, or fighting for the rights and well-being of others. To champion also means to act as a strong advocate or representative, using one's influence, resources, or voice to champion a cause or champion for others. It implies a commitment to championing justice, equality, or positive change. Those who champion a cause often strive to raise awareness, mobilize support, and effect meaningful transformations. Championing can involve both public and behind-the-scenes efforts, and it is driven by a genuine passion and dedication to making a difference.

Example sentences of champion

1. She tirelessly champions for the rights of marginalized communities.
2. The organization aims to champion environmental conservation efforts.
3. He has been known to champion innovative solutions in the tech industry.
4. The activist works tirelessly to champion gender equality and empowerment.
5. The politician vows to champion healthcare reform.
6. The athlete's success has helped champion the sport on a global scale.

History and etymology of champion

The verb 'champion' has an etymology rooted in medieval and Old French. It is derived from the Old French word 'champion,' which originally referred to a professional combatant or knight who fought on behalf of someone else, often in tournaments or battles. The term 'champion' itself came from the Latin word 'campio,' meaning 'a gladiator' or 'fighter in the field.' Over time, the meaning of 'champion' evolved beyond the battlefield to describe individuals who actively support, advocate for, or defend a cause, idea, or individual, much like a medieval champion would defend their lord or lady. The etymology of 'champion' thus reflects the historical context of combat and chivalry while emphasizing the concept of dedicated and passionate advocacy for a particular cause or belief.

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Further usage examples of champion

1. They championed the cause of animal welfare through advocacy and education.
2. The company seeks to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
3. The singer uses her platform to champion social justice issues.
4. The teacher encourages students to champion their own learning and growth.
5. The community came together to champion a local charity initiative.
6. She champions environmental conservation.
7. He champions the rights of the marginalized.
8. The organization champions gender equality.
9. They championed the cause of social justice.
10. She tirelessly champions animal welfare.
11. He has always championed innovation in technology.
12. The activist champions healthcare reform.
13. They championed the rights of indigenous people.
14. She champions education for underprivileged children.
15. The athlete champions the importance of fitness.
16. The professor champions academic freedom.
17. He champions the value of community service.
18. She passionately champions the arts in education.
19. They championed a more inclusive society.
20. The politician champions affordable housing.
21. The celebrity uses their platform to champion causes.
22. She champions local businesses in her community.
23. They championed the fight against hunger.
24. The teacher champions critical thinking skills.
25. He continues to champion the power of unity.


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