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How to pronounce trinity (audio)


Dictionary definition of trinity

A group or trio of three people, things, or elements that are closely associated or interconnected, often forming a unified whole.
"The trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is central to Christian belief."

Detailed meaning of trinity

In this sense, a trinity represents a specific combination of three components that complement each other or work together effectively. For example, in literature and storytelling, a common trinity might involve the protagonist, the antagonist, and the sidekick, each contributing to the narrative's development. In business, a trinity could refer to the core values, goals, and strategies that guide a company's success. Essentially, "trinity" highlights the idea of a cohesive and interrelated trio, where each element plays a distinct and important role within the group.

Example sentences containing trinity

1. The colors red, yellow, and blue form a trinity of primary hues in the art world.
2. Jane, Emily, and Olivia, a trinity of best friends, were inseparable since kindergarten.
3. The trinity of mind, body, and spirit is a fundamental belief in many philosophies.
4. A perfect trinity of cheese, bread, and wine was what we had for our picnic.
5. The heart, lungs, and brain are the trinity of life-sustaining organs in the human body.
6. Science, technology, and engineering – a trinity of disciplines – form the foundation of modern society.

History and etymology of trinity

The noun 'trinity' finds its etymological roots in Latin, where it can be traced back to the word 'trinitas.' 'Trinitas' itself is derived from 'trinus,' which means 'threefold' or 'three each.' Interestingly, the term 'trinity' has deep theological significance, primarily associated with the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, referring to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as three distinct yet interconnected entities within one Godhead. This etymology reflects the notion of a group or trio of three elements closely associated or interconnected, forming a unified whole. Whether in a theological context or a more general sense, 'trinity' embodies the concept of the number three and the inherent unity that often accompanies it.

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Further usage examples of trinity

1. The trinity of birth, life, and death defines the cycle of existence for all living creatures.
2. The mountains, rivers, and forests make up a trinity of natural beauty in our national park.
3. Power, wealth, and fame are often seen as a trinity of worldly success.
4. In literature, the classic trinity of plot, character, and setting is crucial for an engaging story.
5. Our annual family tradition involves a trinity of tasks: baking cookies, singing carols, and decorating the tree.
6. The trinity of sunrise, noon, and sunset divides the day into three distinct periods.
7. Tacos are a delightful trinity of shell, filling, and salsa.
8. The project was a trinity of collaboration, creativity, and hard work.
9. Among bird watchers, the eagle, hawk, and falcon are considered a trinity of raptors.
10. In mathematics, the trinity of addition, subtraction, and multiplication forms the basic operations.
11. Macbeth presents a haunting trinity of witches in its opening act.
12. The trinity of exploration, discovery, and adventure fuels the spirit of every explorer.
13. Democracy thrives on a trinity of values: liberty, equality, and fraternity.
14. We planned our trip around a trinity of cities: Paris, London, and Rome.
15. The Christian doctrine of the trinity states that there is one God in three persons.
16. The trinity of the mind, body, and spirit is important for overall well-being.

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