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How to pronounce trustworthy (audio)

Dictionary definition of trustworthy

Reliable, dependable, and deserving of trust or confidence.
"Emma is a trustworthy friend who always keeps her promises and can be relied upon in times of need."

Detailed meaning of trustworthy

When applied to a person, it suggests that they can be relied upon to act honestly, honor commitments, and maintain confidentiality. A trustworthy individual is known for their integrity and consistency in keeping their word, making them a reliable ally, friend, or colleague. They demonstrate a high level of credibility and inspire confidence in others due to their consistent and ethical behavior. Similarly, when describing an object or information as trustworthy, it implies that it can be trusted to be accurate, authentic, and free from deception or manipulation. Trustworthy sources of information are reliable and backed by evidence or authoritative expertise, ensuring their credibility. Overall, being trustworthy is a valued trait that forms the foundation of trust in personal relationships, professional settings, and the broader society.

Example sentences containing trustworthy

1. It's important to have trustworthy friends who you can rely on in times of need.
2. A trustworthy person will always keep their promises and fulfill their commitments.
3. When choosing a babysitter, it's crucial to find someone trustworthy to ensure the safety of your children.
4. A trustworthy mechanic is worth their weight in gold when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.
5. Trustworthy financial advisors can provide valuable guidance for managing your investments.
6. In a healthy relationship, both partners should be trustworthy and honest with each other.

History and etymology of trustworthy

The adjective 'trustworthy' is closely linked to the root word 'trust.' It emerged from the Old English word 'treowðig,' which can be broken down into 'treow' meaning 'trust' and '-ðig,' denoting 'worthy of.' Over time, these components fused to form 'trustworthy,' describing someone or something as reliable, dependable, and deserving of trust or confidence. This word underscores the essential quality of being faithful and true to one's commitments, making it a key attribute in establishing trust and confidence in various interpersonal and professional relationships.

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Further usage examples of trustworthy

1. A trustworthy leader inspires loyalty and confidence among their followers.
2. Hiring a trustworthy house cleaner can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands.
3. A trustworthy source of information is essential for making well-informed decisions.
4. When it comes to online transactions, it's crucial to use trustworthy websites and secure payment methods.
5. A trustworthy employee is an asset to any company, as they can be relied upon to perform their duties diligently.
6. Trustworthy evidence is crucial in a court of law to ensure a fair and just verdict.
7. A trustworthy pet sitter will take excellent care of your furry friends while you're away.
8. When selecting a business partner, it's essential to choose someone trustworthy and dependable.
9. Trustworthy feedback is valuable for personal and professional growth.
10. A trustworthy locksmith can help you secure your home and protect your belongings.
11. Trustworthy news outlets adhere to strict journalistic standards to provide accurate and unbiased information.
12. A trustworthy contractor will deliver high-quality work and complete projects within the agreed-upon timeframe.
13. In a trustworthy healthcare professional, patients can confide in their concerns and receive proper care.
14. A trustworthy neighbor can be a valuable asset in creating a safe and supportive community.
15. The company's trustworthy reputation is built on years of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.
16. I entrusted my personal information to a trustworthy bank that prioritizes data security.
17. John's trustworthy advice helped me make an informed decision about my career.
18. The trustworthy witness provided a reliable account of the events that took place.
19. We rely on trustworthy news sources to stay informed about current events.
20. The trustworthy mechanic only recommends repairs that are necessary, ensuring fair and honest service.
21. The company's commitment to transparency and accountability makes it a trustworthy partner for investors.
22. The trustworthy babysitter took excellent care of our children while we were away.
23. The trustworthy contractor completed the renovation project on time and within budget.
24. The trustworthy professor provided valuable guidance and support to her students.
25. We value trustworthy relationships based on mutual respect, honesty, and open communication.



reliable, untrustworthy, deceitful, dubious


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