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How to pronounce turmoil (audio)


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Dictionary definition of turmoil

A state of extreme confusion, disorder, or upheaval characterized by a lack of order or calm.
"The turmoil in the country was caused by political unrest and economic crisis."


Detailed meaning of turmoil

It signifies a period or situation marked by chaos, tumult, or intense agitation. Turmoil can manifest in various forms, such as political turmoil during times of unrest or upheaval, emotional turmoil in one's personal life, or financial turmoil when markets are in disarray. When something is in turmoil, it implies that there is a significant disruption to the normal state of affairs, often accompanied by heightened emotions, uncertainty, and instability. The term underscores the sense of upheaval, chaos, and unease that can prevail during such periods or situations.

Example sentences containing turmoil

1. The country was in political turmoil following the disputed election.
2. She felt a turmoil of emotions as she read the letter.
3. The sudden news of his departure sent the company into turmoil.
4. The financial turmoil led to a severe recession.
5. His internal turmoil was evident in his erratic behavior.
6. The city was in turmoil after the devastating earthquake.

History and etymology of turmoil

The noun 'turmoil' has its origins in the Middle French word 'tourmouil,' which means 'commotion' or 'agitation.' It entered the English language in the late 16th century. 'Turmoil' refers to a state of extreme confusion, disorder, or upheaval characterized by a lack of order or calm. The etymology of 'turmoil' effectively conveys the idea of a situation or state in which there is a swirling and tumultuous disturbance, much like the chaos and confusion that can occur during times of social unrest or political upheaval. Whether used to describe the turmoil of a riot, the turmoil of a personal crisis, or the turmoil of a turbulent period in history, this term vividly portrays a scene of tumult and disarray.

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Further usage examples of turmoil

1. The market is in turmoil due to changing regulations.
2. After the divorce, she found herself in a state of emotional turmoil.
3. His decision to quit his job caused turmoil within his family.
4. The turmoil of war had a profound effect on the young soldier.
5. The recent scandal plunged the government into deep turmoil.
6. Amidst the turmoil, he remained calm and composed.
7. The artist's paintings beautifully capture the turmoil of the human soul.
8. The sudden passing of their beloved teacher left the school in turmoil.
9. The turmoil in the industry led to many businesses closing down.
10. His mind was a turmoil of thoughts, making it hard to focus.
11. The organization has been facing turmoil due to the unexpected leadership change.
12. The country is striving to find stability amidst economic turmoil.
13. The unresolved conflict has led to years of turmoil in the region.
14. The turmoil in her life made it hard for her to find peace.


chaos, peace, order, stability


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