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Definition of 'unavailing'

Ultimately futile, ineffective, or incapable of producing the desired results.
"The lawyer's unavailing arguments failed to sway the judge's decision."

Detailed Meaning of 'unavailing'

When something is deemed unavailing, it implies that despite the energy, resources, or time invested, it has little or no impact on achieving the intended goal or solving a problem. This term often conveys a sense of frustration or disappointment, as it suggests that despite one's best intentions or efforts, the outcome remains unchanged or unsuccessful. In essence, "unavailing" underscores the notion that certain actions or attempts are in vain, highlighting the inability to bring about a meaningful or positive outcome.


Examples of 'unavailing' in a Sentence

1. Despite their best efforts, their attempts to revive the failing business proved unavailing.
2. The doctor's unavailing treatments left the patient feeling frustrated and hopeless.
3. The team's unavailing efforts to score a goal resulted in a disappointing loss.
4. His unavailing search for his lost keys made him late for his appointment.
5. The employee's unavailing attempts to fix the malfunctioning printer only made things worse.
6. She realized that her unavailing pleas were falling on deaf ears.

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Origins & Etymology of 'unavailing'

The adjective 'unavailing' is formed by adding the prefix 'un-' to the word 'availing.' The term 'availing' itself is derived from the Old French word 'availler,' which means 'to be of use' or 'to be effective.' This Old French word has roots in the Latin word 'valere,' which means 'to be strong' or 'to have worth.' Therefore, when 'un-' is added to 'availing,' it creates 'unavailing,' which signifies the opposite – something that is ultimately futile, ineffective, or incapable of producing the desired results. The etymology of 'unavailing' reflects the negation of usefulness or effectiveness, emphasizing its inability to achieve the intended goals or outcomes.


How to pronounce unavailing (audio)


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