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unstable, stable, balanced, steady


Balance and Stability, Boundaries and Limits, Obstacles and Hardships, Conflict and Confrontation, Anguish and Despair



How to pronounce unbalanced (audio)


Dictionary definition of unbalanced

Uneven, unstable, or lacking equilibrium.
"His unbalanced emotions made it difficult for him to maintain relationships."

Detailed meaning of unbalanced

It suggests a lack of harmony, symmetry, or proportion in various aspects, such as emotions, thoughts, behaviors, or physical attributes. When something or someone is unbalanced, there is an inherent lack of balance or proper distribution, often leading to instability or inconsistency. Emotionally, an unbalanced individual may exhibit extreme mood swings or have difficulty regulating their emotions. Intellectually, an unbalanced person may display irrational or erratic thinking patterns. In terms of physical attributes, unbalanced refers to a lack of symmetry or proportion in body posture or movements. In general, the term signifies an irregular or unstable state that deviates from the desired or optimal level of balance, indicating a need for corrective measures or adjustments to restore stability and equilibrium.

Example sentences containing unbalanced

1. The unbalanced diet he followed made him feel weak and fatigued.
2. He tried to ride the unicycle, but he was too unbalanced and fell over.
3. Her painting had an unbalanced composition which gave it an intriguing, edgy feel.
4. The unbalanced load in the washing machine caused it to shake violently.
5. Critics argue that the news coverage is unbalanced and favors one political party over the other.
6. The budget for the project seemed unbalanced, with too much allocated for marketing and not enough for development.

History and etymology of unbalanced

The adjective 'unbalanced' can be analyzed by examining its root word, 'balanced.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the characteristic of being 'balanced.' 'Balanced' is derived from the Old French word 'balancier,' which is a diminutive form of 'balance,' meaning 'a pair of scales' or 'an equilibrium.' The word 'balance' itself has its roots in the Latin word 'bilanx,' composed of 'bis' (meaning 'twice') and 'lanx' (meaning 'dish' or 'scale'). Over time, 'balanced' evolved in the English language to describe a state of evenness, stability, or equilibrium. Consequently, 'unbalanced' signifies the absence of such qualities, indicating unevenness, instability, or a lack of equilibrium, with its etymology deeply grounded in the historical development of 'balanced.'

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Further usage examples of unbalanced

1. The table wobbled because one of its legs was shorter, making it unbalanced.
2. The unbalanced scoring in the game made it nearly impossible for the other team to catch up.
3. The tree grew in an unbalanced manner, leaning dangerously toward the house.
4. He was carrying an unbalanced stack of books that eventually toppled over.
5. The chemical equation was unbalanced, so she had to adjust the coefficients to make both sides equal.
6. An unbalanced diet can lead to many health issues, impacting your overall wellbeing.
7. Her unbalanced emotions made conversations unpredictable and often, quite intense.
8. The unbalanced table wobbled, causing the vase to topple and shatter on the floor.
9. Unbalanced systems often fail, making maintenance and checks a necessary routine.
10. A tree leaned precariously, its unbalanced growth threatening the nearby power lines.
11. The unbalanced budget caused a lot of stress and uncertainty in the finance department.
12. He had an unbalanced stride due to an old injury, yet he kept running marathons.
13. The team was unbalanced, skilled in offense but lacking in defensive capabilities.
14. The bridge was unbalanced, its asymmetrical design causing structural instability.
15. Unbalanced workload distribution led to employee burnout and decreased productivity.
16. His unbalanced sleep schedule affected his mood, energy levels, and overall health.
17. An unbalanced mixture of chemicals can be dangerous, leading to unexpected reactions.
18. Their unbalanced relationship caused strife, leaving both partners feeling unsatisfied.
19. The cake toppled over, its unbalanced layers unable to support the weight on top.
20. The unbalanced seesaw left one child suspended in air, while the other sat grounded.
21. An unbalanced wheel alignment can lead to uneven tire wear and unsafe driving conditions.
22. The painting hung askew, its unbalanced frame drawing attention for the wrong reasons.
23. Unbalanced ecosystems can lead to the extinction of certain species and habitats.
24. The building's unbalanced foundation led to cracks in the walls and ceilings.
25. An unbalanced diet, lacking in essential nutrients, led to her constant fatigue.

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