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Spelling Bee: Anguish and Despair Words

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Anguish and Despair

ad-hominem, affliction, agonize, anguish, belittle, bereft, catatonic, clamorous, cloying, coarse, depression, deride, disconcerting, disillusion, displeased, dread, embarrass, enraged, faltering, flatulence, flounder, forlorn, frantic, frustrated, funereal, grievous, groan, grumpy, haggard, halitosis, heckle, indigent, indignant, insolence, intrusive, invective, irate, jittery, laceration, lamentable, loiter, malaise, misgiving, nauseous, obscene, penurious, plummet, reckoning, refugee, reprobate, resent, ridicule, scandalous, slander, sob, soothe, sordid, stinging, stoic, tantrum, unbalanced, unsavory, upbraid, wistful, woe, writhe

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