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How to pronounce undecided (audio)


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Dictionary definition of undecided

Uncertainty or indecision.
"Jack was undecided about whether to accept the job offer or pursue other opportunities."

Detailed meaning of undecided

When someone is undecided, they have not yet made a firm or conclusive decision about a particular matter, such as a choice, opinion, or course of action. It suggests a state of wavering or being unable to make up one's mind, often due to conflicting options, lack of information, or difficulty in choosing between alternatives. Being undecided can be a temporary state, indicating that the person is still in the process of considering various factors or weighing the pros and cons before reaching a final decision. It is a state that implies a need for further thought, evaluation, or deliberation in order to arrive at a conclusive choice or resolution.

Example sentences containing undecided

1. Sarah was undecided about which college to attend, as she had received acceptance letters from several prestigious universities.
2. The team members were still undecided on the best strategy to adopt for the upcoming project.
3. After hours of deliberation, the jury remained undecided on the defendant's guilt or innocence.
4. Mark's parents were undecided about whether to buy a new car or repair their old one.
5. The politician's speech failed to sway the undecided voters, leaving the election outcome uncertain.
6. Lisa couldn't make up her mind about what to wear to the party and remained undecided until the last minute.

History and etymology of undecided

The adjective 'undecided' can be deconstructed into its root word, 'decided.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'decided.' 'Decided' has its origins in the Latin word 'decidere,' which means 'to cut off' or 'to settle.' It is a combination of 'de-' (meaning 'off') and 'cadere' (meaning 'to fall'). Over time, 'decided' evolved in the English language to describe a state of certainty or a firm conclusion. Consequently, 'undecided' signifies the opposite, denoting a state of uncertainty or indecision, often referring to someone who has not reached a definite conclusion or made up their mind about a particular matter. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'decided' and its association with settling or reaching a firm decision.

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Further usage examples of undecided

1. The committee members were still undecided on which candidate to choose for the leadership position.
2. The survey results showed a significant number of respondents were still undecided on the proposed policy changes.
3. Emily felt undecided about whether to continue her studies or take a gap year to travel and explore different cultures.
4. The group of friends was undecided on where to go for their vacation, as each had their own preferences.
5. The undecided weather made it challenging for Jane to decide whether to take an umbrella or not.
6. She remained undecided about her career path after graduation.
7. The jury appeared undecided as they deliberated the verdict.
8. His undecided expression revealed his inner conflict.
9. We're still undecided on which restaurant to choose for dinner.
10. The voters were largely undecided on the controversial issue.
11. Their undecided attitude made it difficult to plan the event.
12. He seemed undecided about whether to accept the job offer.
13. The team was undecided on the best strategy to win the game.
14. She felt undecided about moving to a new city for her job.
15. The weather forecast left us undecided about our weekend plans.
16. The committee remained undecided on the budget allocation.
17. The teacher noticed that some students were still undecided on the topic.
18. We were undecided between two beautiful vacation destinations.
19. The company was still undecided about the new product launch.
20. His undecided stance on the matter frustrated his colleagues.
21. The undecided outcome of the election left the nation in suspense.
22. We were all undecided on which movie to watch tonight.
23. Her undecided feelings about the relationship caused tension.
24. The undecided nature of the project's scope led to delays.
25. The undecided response from investors raised concerns about funding.



indecisive, decided, resolved, certain


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