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How to pronounce indecisive (audio)

Dictionary definition of indecisive

Difficulty making decisions, often hesitating or vacillating between different options or choices.
"The indecisive manager struggled to make important decisions for the company."

Detailed meaning of indecisive

An indecisive individual may feel uncertain or unsure about what to do, and may experience anxiety or stress as a result. They may spend a significant amount of time considering different options, weighing the pros and cons, and seeking input from others before making a decision. However, even after careful consideration, an indecisive person may still struggle to choose a course of action. Indecisiveness can lead to missed opportunities, delays, and frustration for the person and those around them. In summary, indecisiveness can be a hindrance to personal and professional growth and can cause uncertainty and anxiety for those who struggle with it.

Example sentences containing indecisive

1. Tom was indecisive about choosing between a career in law or journalism.
2. Her indecisive manner during the crisis led to chaos and confusion.
3. His indecisive response left the team feeling uncertain.
4. As a leader, being indecisive can have serious consequences.
5. He gazed at the menu, his face a picture of indecisive hunger.
6. She was notoriously indecisive when it came to picking vacation destinations.

History and etymology of indecisive

The adjective 'indecisive' is formed by adding the prefix 'in-' to the word 'decisive.' The root word, 'decisive,' as previously discussed, has its origins in the Latin word 'decidere,' meaning 'to cut off' or 'to bring to a conclusion.' Therefore, 'indecisive' essentially means 'not decisive' or 'lacking the ability to cut off or conclude.' It describes a state of difficulty in making decisions, often characterized by hesitating or vacillating between different options or choices. The etymology of 'indecisive' emphasizes the absence of decisiveness and the tendency to be uncertain or hesitant when faced with decision-making, highlighting the prefix 'in-' as a negation of the root concept of decisiveness.

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Further usage examples of indecisive

1. Indecisive voters are often the deciding factor in close elections.
2. The match ended with an indecisive score, leading to a rematch.
3. The board considered his indecisive leadership style to be his biggest weakness.
4. She's indecisive about choosing her major, swinging between psychology and literature.
5. His indecisive nature led him to miss out on many opportunities.
6. The committee's indecisive stance on the issue led to public discontent.
7. I spent an indecisive hour trying to decide what to wear to the interview.
8. Being indecisive, he often finds it hard to make quick decisions.
9. She hesitated at the crossroads, indecisive about which path to take.
10. The politician's indecisive attitude left his followers frustrated.
11. The director's indecisive approach led to delays in production.
12. His indecisive answer to her proposal left her in a state of confusion.
13. Despite being smart, she was often indecisive when it came to practical decisions.
14. He remains indecisive about moving to a new city for work.



hesitant, resolute, decisive, determined


ACT 12 (American College Testing), Caution and Prudence, Options and Determinations, Judgement and Decision-Making

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