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How to pronounce undeniable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of undeniable

Beyond doubt, unquestionable, or indisputable.
"The undeniable truth is that hard work leads to success."

Detailed meaning of undeniable

It refers to a fact, truth, or quality that is so evident and clear that it cannot be denied or refuted. When something is undeniable, it is universally recognized and accepted as true or valid. It carries a strong sense of certainty and leaves no room for doubt or skepticism. Whether it pertains to an observable phenomenon, an argument, an achievement, or a characteristic, the undeniable nature of it is supported by compelling evidence or overwhelming consensus. This adjective emphasizes the strength and power of the evidence or reasoning behind a statement, making it impossible to deny or reject. It signifies the incontrovertible nature of something, leaving little room for disagreement or alternative interpretations.

Example sentences containing undeniable

1. Her talent as a singer is undeniable; she captivates everyone with her voice.
2. The evidence presented in court was undeniable and led to a guilty verdict.
3. The beauty of the sunset was undeniable; it painted the sky with vibrant colors.
4. His dedication to his craft was undeniable, evident in his meticulous attention to detail.
5. The undeniable fact is that technology has revolutionized the way we live.
6. The impact of social media on communication is undeniable in today's society.

History and etymology of undeniable

The adjective 'undeniable' can be understood by examining its root word, 'deniable.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is employed to negate or reverse the quality of being 'deniable.' 'Deniable' is derived from the verb 'deny,' which has its origins in the Old French word 'denier' and ultimately traces back to the Latin 'denegare,' meaning 'to deny' or 'to refuse.' Over time, 'deniable' evolved in the English language to describe something that could be questioned or disputed. Consequently, 'undeniable' signifies the opposite, denoting something that is beyond doubt, unquestionable, or indisputable, making it impossible to be denied. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'deny' and its association with refusal or contradiction.

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Further usage examples of undeniable

1. The team's undeniable chemistry on the field contributed to their winning season.
2. The power of love and forgiveness is undeniable; it can heal even the deepest wounds.
3. The undeniable influence of art can be seen in shaping culture and society.
4. The undeniable charm of the historic town attracts tourists from around the world.
5. The undeniable connection between physical and mental health is well-documented.
6. The undeniable success of the company is attributed to its innovative products.
7. The undeniable importance of education in empowering individuals cannot be overstated.
8. The undeniable presence of talent in the room made it an unforgettable performance.
9. The undeniable impact of literature lies in its ability to inspire and provoke thought.
10. The undeniable beauty of nature can be found in every corner of the Earth.
11. The undeniable potential of renewable energy sources offers hope for a sustainable future.
12. The undeniable joy of seeing loved ones after a long time apart brought tears to their eyes.
13. Her talent was undeniable, shining brightly on the stage.
14. The scientific evidence was undeniable, proving the theory.
15. Their love was undeniable, evident in every gesture.
16. The beauty of the sunset was undeniable, breathtaking.
17. His charisma was undeniable, drawing people towards him.
18. The success of the project was undeniable, exceeding expectations.
19. Her kindness was undeniable, touching everyone's hearts.
20. The impact of the discovery was undeniable, changing history.
21. Their commitment was undeniable, never wavering.
22. The truth in his words was undeniable, leaving no room for doubt.
23. The resilience of the team was undeniable, overcoming challenges.
24. The connection they shared was undeniable, a bond that couldn't be broken.



indisputable, questionable, deniable, doubtful


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