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How to pronounce absolute (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'absolute'

Complete, unconditional, and unrestricted by any external factors or limitations.
"The boss has absolute authority over the company's decisions."

Detailed meaning of 'absolute'

When applied to an idea, principle, or state, it signifies a total and unqualified quality, often suggesting that there are no exceptions, qualifications, or compromises. An absolute rule, for example, is one that must be followed without exception, while an absolute truth is considered universally and unconditionally valid. In a broader sense, "absolute" can be used to describe a state of utmost certainty, finality, or authority, emphasizing the absence of ambiguity or relativism. This term conveys a sense of unwavering and undiluted nature, underscoring the idea that the subject being described is complete and not subject to change or compromise.

History and etymology of 'absolute'

The adjective 'absolute' has a rich etymology rooted in Latin. It stems from the Latin word 'absolutus,' which is the past participle of 'absolvere.' 'Absolvere' is a combination of 'ab,' meaning 'away from,' and 'solvere,' meaning 'to loosen' or 'to release.' In its original sense, 'absolute' referred to something that was 'loosed' or 'released' from any external constraints or limitations. Over time, this evolved into the modern meaning of 'complete,' 'unconditional,' and 'unrestricted by any external factors or limitations.' The etymology of 'absolute' beautifully captures the notion of something being entirely free from any external influences or restrictions, emphasizing its sense of completeness and utter independence.

Example sentences containing 'absolute'

1. The musician's passion for their art was absolute, evident in every note they played.
2. The traveler sought absolute solitude on their journey to the remote island.
3. The painting's beauty was absolute, taking the viewer's breath away.
4. The researcher's focus was absolute, dedicating long hours to their work.
5. The child's belief in the tooth fairy was absolute, despite any evidence to the contrary.
6. The storm outside was an absolute torrent of rain and wind.
7. She showed absolute determination to succeed in her career.
8. The pizza at that restaurant is an absolute delight for food lovers.
9. The view from the top of the mountain was absolute breathtaking.
10. The child's joy was absolute when they saw their favorite toy in the store.
11. The professor's knowledge of ancient history was absolute.
12. The noise coming from the construction site was an absolute nuisance.
13. The team's performance in the game was an absolute disaster.
14. Her beauty was absolute, captivating everyone in the room.
15. The room was in absolute chaos after the party.
16. The book she read was an absolute page-turner, keeping her hooked till the end.
17. The temperature outside was absolute freezing, requiring heavy winter gear.
18. The actor's performance in the play was an absolute masterpiece.
19. The traffic during rush hour was absolute gridlock, causing massive delays.
20. The museum housed an absolute collection of rare artifacts.
21. The little girl's excitement was absolute when she saw her favorite princess.
22. The crime rate in the city was an absolute concern for the residents.
23. The professor's patience with his students was absolute.
24. The hotel provided absolute luxury and comfort to its guests.
25. The painting displayed absolute beauty with its vibrant colors and intricate details.



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