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How to pronounce underlying (audio)


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Dictionary definition of underlying

Fundamental, basic, or foundational to a particular concept, process, or situation.
"The underlying cause of the financial crisis was the excessive risk-taking by banks."

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Detailed meaning of underlying

It represents the fundamental essence or principle that supports or forms the basis for something. When we talk about underlying factors or causes, we are referring to the root or foundational elements that contribute to a specific outcome or condition. The underlying meaning of a text or statement is the deeper or hidden message or intention that underlies the surface level of communication. In the context of technology, underlying software or infrastructure refers to the fundamental system or framework on which applications or programs are built. Understanding the underlying principles of a subject or problem is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding and addressing it effectively. The term "underlying" implies that there is more to be discovered or analyzed beneath the surface, emphasizing the need to delve deeper and consider the core elements in order to gain a complete understanding or find solutions.

Example sentences containing underlying

1. Sarah's anxiety was not due to the presentation itself, but to the underlying fear of failure.
2. The underlying theme of the novel was the importance of forgiveness and redemption.
3. The doctor focused on treating the patient's symptoms, but failed to address the underlying health condition.
4. Jack's anger was a result of the underlying frustration he had been feeling for weeks.
5. The success of any relationship lies in understanding and addressing the underlying issues.
6. The researcher conducted a thorough analysis to uncover the underlying patterns in the data.

History and etymology of underlying

The adjective 'underlying' can be understood by breaking it down into its root word, 'lie.' In this term, the prefix 'under-' is employed to indicate something that lies beneath or serves as the foundation. 'Lie' comes from the Old English word 'licgan,' which means 'to lie down' or 'to be situated.' Over time, 'lie' evolved in the English language to describe the fundamental, basic, or foundational aspects of a particular concept, process, or situation. Therefore, 'underlying' signifies something that is fundamental or essential, forming the basis for understanding or explaining a given context. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'lie' and its connection to the foundational elements of various subjects and phenomena.

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Further usage examples of underlying

1. The underlying principle of democracy is the belief in equal rights and representation.
2. The therapist helped the client explore the underlying beliefs that were contributing to their self-esteem issues.
3. The success of the project relied heavily on addressing the underlying logistical challenges.
4. The artist used different colors to represent the various layers of underlying emotions in the painting.
5. Jane's underlying motivation for pursuing a career in medicine was her desire to help others.
6. Understanding the underlying principles is crucial for success.
7. The underlying issue is a lack of communication in the team.
8. The underlying cause of the problem is still unknown.
9. The therapist helped her address the underlying trauma.
10. Technology is an underlying driver of societal change.
11. The underlying theme of the novel is the human condition.
12. To solve the puzzle, you must grasp its underlying logic.
13. The company's underlying values promote innovation.
14. Economic stability relies on understanding underlying trends.
15. The artist explored the underlying emotions in her artwork.
16. Trust is the underlying foundation of any strong relationship.
17. His speech touched on the underlying issues in education.
18. The scientist sought to uncover the underlying mechanism.
19. The policy addresses the underlying social inequalities.
20. The engineer analyzed the underlying structural integrity.
21. The project's success depends on its underlying structure.
22. The underlying concept of democracy is citizen participation.
23. Underlying health concerns can affect overall well-being.
24. The underlying message of the film is one of hope and resilience.



fundamental, superficial, secondary, minor


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