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How to pronounce foundational (audio)

Dictionary definition of foundational

Fundamental, essential, or serving as the basis for further development or understanding.
"Strong reading skills are considered foundational for academic success."

Detailed meaning of foundational

It denotes the core or underlying principles, concepts, or elements upon which a system, theory, belief, or discipline is built. When applied to knowledge or education, "foundational" implies the fundamental concepts or skills that form the basis for higher-level learning. In the context of a field or area of study, "foundational" refers to the key principles, theories, or methodologies that provide the necessary groundwork for further exploration and advancement. It signifies the starting point, the bedrock upon which additional knowledge or advancements can be built. "Foundational" elements or ideas are crucial in establishing a solid framework or understanding, allowing for more complex or sophisticated concepts to be comprehended and developed.

Example sentences containing foundational

1. The textbook covers the foundational principles of mathematics.
2. The scientist conducted research to establish the foundational theories of quantum mechanics.
3. The company's success is built on a foundational commitment to customer satisfaction.
4. The course provides students with a foundational understanding of computer programming.
5. The coach emphasized the foundational techniques in basketball training.
6. The study of anatomy is foundational to a career in medicine.

History and etymology of foundational

The adjective 'foundational' derives its etymology from the word 'foundation.' The term 'foundation' itself has its roots in Middle English and Old French, with 'foundacion' and 'fondacion' respectively. These can be traced back to the Latin word 'fundatio,' which is a noun form of 'fundare,' meaning 'to lay the bottom or base of something.' The concept of a foundation is inherently tied to the idea of providing a stable and solid basis upon which something can be built or established. In the context of 'foundational,' this etymological heritage underscores its role in describing elements that are fundamental, essential, or serve as the bedrock for further development or understanding.

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Further usage examples of foundational

1. The conference focused on discussing the foundational concepts of sustainable development.
2. The workshop offered participants a foundational knowledge of project management.
3. The artist studied the foundational techniques of classical painting before exploring more experimental styles.
4. The therapist helped the client work through the foundational issues causing their anxiety.
5. The company's mission statement is based on a foundational belief in ethical business practices.
6. Foundational knowledge is crucial for building a strong educational framework.
7. In science, experimentation is a foundational aspect of discovery.
8. Democracy relies on foundational principles like freedom and equality.
9. Effective communication skills are foundational in any professional field.
10. Learning to read is a foundational skill that opens doors to knowledge.
11. Mathematics provides the foundational language for understanding the universe.
12. Trust is a foundational element of any healthy relationship.
13. The Constitution serves as the foundational law of the land.
14. Critical thinking is a foundational skill for problem-solving.
15. Basic arithmetic is foundational to more advanced math concepts.
16. Respect for diversity is a foundational value in modern society.
17. Strong ethics are foundational for business success.
18. Vocabulary is a foundational component of language proficiency.
19. Patience is foundational when learning new skills.
20. Foundational principles guide ethical decision-making.
21. Empathy is a foundational trait for fostering compassion.
22. The scientific method is foundational for empirical research.
23. Foundational theories shape our understanding of the natural world.
24. Foundational theories shape our understanding of the natural world.
25. Foundational principles of design influence creative innovation.



basic, secondary, trivial, peripheral


Basic and Fundamental, Development and Growth, Order and System, Fundamental and Essential

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