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How to pronounce unsynchronized (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unsynchronized

Lacking coordination or alignment in time, rhythm, or action.
"The unsynchronized traffic lights at the intersection resulted in traffic congestion and delays."

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Detailed meaning of unsynchronized

It indicates a state where multiple elements or processes are not in harmony or working together seamlessly. When applied to events, activities, or systems, "unsynchronized" suggests a lack of synchronization or synchronization failure, resulting in a lack of simultaneous or coordinated action. It implies a disjointed or disjointed nature, where the timing or sequence of events is not properly matched or coordinated. This term can be used in various contexts, such as technology, music, sports, or communication, to describe situations where the desired level of coordination or synchronization is absent, leading to inefficiencies, errors, or inconsistencies.

Example sentences containing unsynchronized

1. The dancers' movements were unsynchronized, leading to a lack of fluidity in their performance.
2. The unsynchronized clocks in the office caused confusion among the employees regarding meeting times.
3. The band's unsynchronized playing made their performance sound disorganized and out of tune.
4. The unsynchronized communication between team members led to misunderstandings and errors in the project.
5. The unsynchronized coordination of the relay team caused them to lose the race.
6. The unsynchronized sound and video in the online conference made it difficult to follow the presentations.

History and etymology of unsynchronized

The adjective 'unsynchronized' can be understood by examining its root word, 'synchronized.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is employed to negate or reverse the quality of being 'synchronized.' 'Synchronized' is derived from the Greek word 'synkronos,' which combines 'syn' (meaning 'together') and 'khronos' (meaning 'time'). It originally referred to events or actions occurring at the same time or in harmony. Over time, 'synchronized' evolved in the English language to describe a state of coordination or alignment in time, rhythm, or action. Consequently, 'unsynchronized' signifies the opposite, denoting a lack of coordination or alignment in time, rhythm, or action, often implying a lack of harmony or synchronization between different elements or processes. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'synchronized' and the use of 'un-' to convey the absence of coordination or alignment.

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Further usage examples of unsynchronized

1. The unsynchronized delivery of the supplies disrupted the production schedule.
2. The unsynchronized blinking of the Christmas lights created a chaotic display.
3. The unsynchronized arrival of the buses caused confusion among the passengers waiting at the station.
4. The unsynchronized choreography in the dance routine made it challenging for the performers to stay in rhythm.
5. The unsynchronized updates of the software led to compatibility issues and glitches.
6. The unsynchronized dancers struggled to maintain the routine.
7. Their unsynchronized efforts resulted in a chaotic performance.
8. The clock displayed unsynchronized times in different rooms.
9. The unsynchronized traffic lights caused confusion at the intersection.
10. Their unsynchronized steps disrupted the group's harmony.
11. The music and choreography were unsynchronized during the show.
12. The unsynchronized schedules led to missed opportunities.
13. His unsynchronized typing made the document full of errors.
14. The unsynchronized clapping in the audience was distracting.
15. Their unsynchronized voices created a cacophony.
16. The unsynchronized alarms in the building caused confusion.
17. The unsynchronized watches led to delays in the meeting.
18. The unsynchronized gears in the machine caused malfunctions.
19. Their unsynchronized breathing disrupted the yoga class.
20. The unsynchronized instruments played out of tune.
21. The unsynchronized runners crossed the finish line at different times.
22. The unsynchronized software updates caused compatibility issues.
23. Their unsynchronized movements made the dance routine messy.
24. The unsynchronized train schedules caused commuter frustration.
25. The unsynchronized efforts of the team resulted in failure.



asynchronous, coordinated, synchronized, harmonized


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