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How to pronounce uplifting (audio)


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Dictionary definition of uplifting

Bringing about a positive emotional or spiritual uplift, elevating one's mood, spirits, or overall outlook.
"The book's uplifting message of resilience resonated deeply with me."

Detailed meaning of uplifting

It is often associated with a sense of inspiration, encouragement, or a feeling of being emotionally lifted up. An uplifting experience, moment, or piece of art can evoke feelings of joy, hope, motivation, or renewed energy. It has the power to uplift and rejuvenate individuals, instilling a sense of optimism, empowerment, or well-being. Whether it's a heartwarming story, a motivational speech, a beautiful melody, or acts of kindness, the essence of something uplifting lies in its ability to touch hearts, lift spirits, and provide a positive emotional resonance. The adjective "uplifting" embodies the notion of something that brings lightness and positivity, fostering a sense of upliftment and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.

Example sentences containing uplifting

1. Her uplifting words of encouragement boosted my confidence.
2. The uplifting melody of the song filled the room with joy.
3. Reading inspirational quotes has a truly uplifting effect on my mood.
4. The movie's uplifting ending left me feeling hopeful and inspired.
5. I received an uplifting message from a friend that brightened my day.
6. The sight of a beautiful sunset is always uplifting to my spirit.

History and etymology of uplifting

The adjective 'uplifting' can be understood by examining its root word, 'lift.' In this term, the prefix 'up-' is used to convey a sense of elevation or raising to a higher state. 'Lift' has its origins in the Old English word 'lyftan,' which means 'to raise' or 'to elevate.' Over time, 'lift' evolved in the English language to describe the action of raising something physically. However, when combined with the prefix 'up-,' it takes on a more metaphorical sense, signifying the act of elevating one's mood, spirits, or overall outlook in a positive and inspiring manner. 'Uplifting' is associated with experiences, messages, or actions that bring about a sense of emotional or spiritual uplift, often fostering a positive and optimistic state of mind. Its etymology reflects the idea of raising one's emotions or spirits to a higher, more positive level.

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Further usage examples of uplifting

1. Attending a motivational seminar can be an uplifting experience.
2. The uplifting aroma of fresh flowers filled the air.
3. We listened to an uplifting podcast that gave us a fresh perspective.
4. His uplifting gesture of kindness touched the hearts of everyone present.
5. The uplifting news article highlighted stories of triumph and perseverance.
6. Her music has an uplifting melody that soothes the soul.
7. The sunrise over the ocean was a truly uplifting sight.
8. His speech was an uplifting message of hope and unity.
9. Reading that book was an uplifting experience for me.
10. Acts of kindness have an uplifting effect on everyone.
11. The movie's happy ending was truly uplifting.
12. The teacher's words were an uplifting motivation.
13. Nature has an inherently uplifting beauty.
14. The laughter of children is always so uplifting.
15. The support of friends can be incredibly uplifting.
16. Volunteering is an uplifting way to give back.
17. A walk in the park can be profoundly uplifting.
18. Uplifting stories inspire us to overcome challenges.
19. Art has the power to create an uplifting atmosphere.
20. An uplifting quote can brighten your day.
21. Music has an uplifting energy that can't be denied.
22. The compliment she gave me was truly uplifting.
23. Yoga and meditation can have an uplifting effect.
24. Uplifting news stories restore faith in humanity.
25. Acts of generosity are profoundly uplifting.



inspiring, depressing, disheartening, discouraging


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