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How to pronounce refreshing (audio)

Dictionary definition of refreshing

Revitalizes, renews, or invigorates, providing a sense of renewed energy, satisfaction, or relief.
"The cold watermelon was incredibly refreshing on a scorching summer day."

Detailed meaning of refreshing

When something is refreshing, it has the ability to restore or revive one's spirits, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. It can refer to a pleasant sensation experienced after consuming something cool, such as a refreshing drink on a hot day. However, it can also extend beyond the physical realm, describing an experience, idea, or change that brings a sense of rejuvenation, positivity, or novelty. A refreshing moment, conversation, or perspective can offer a break from routine or monotony, awakening a renewed sense of enthusiasm, inspiration, or clarity. It often carries a connotation of positivity, leaving one feeling reenergized, optimistic, and ready to face new challenges or opportunities.

Example sentences containing refreshing

1. After a long hike, the refreshing breeze at the mountaintop provided much-needed relief.
2. The young couple took a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear lake.
3. The book offered a refreshing perspective on life, inspiring readers to embrace positivity.
4. She found the yoga class to be a refreshing way to relax and rejuvenate her mind.
5. The comedian's witty jokes brought refreshing laughter to the audience.
6. The citrus-scented shower gel left her feeling refreshed and energized.

History and etymology of refreshing

The adjective 'refreshing' finds its roots in the verb 'refresh,' which can be traced back to Old French and Latin. In Old French, 'refreschir' meant 'to cool' or 'to make fresh again,' and it was influenced by the Latin word 'refrigerare,' which combined 're-' (meaning 'again') and 'frigus' (meaning 'cold' or 'cool'). In Latin, 'refrigerare' was used in the sense of cooling down or making something fresh again. Over time, the term evolved in English to convey the idea of revitalizing, renewing, or invigorating, providing a sense of renewed energy, satisfaction, or relief. The etymology of 'refreshing' underscores its connection to the concept of making something fresh or cool again, which aligns with its modern meaning of bringing a sense of renewal or satisfaction.

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Further usage examples of refreshing

1. The team's successful project was a refreshing achievement after months of hard work.
2. The vibrant colors of the sunset created a refreshing sight for the weary traveler.
3. The company implemented a refreshing new policy that emphasized work-life balance.
4. The music festival provided a refreshing escape from daily responsibilities.
5. The heartfelt apology was a refreshing change, mending their strained relationship.
6. A dip in the cool lake was so refreshing on a hot day.
7. Her honesty was a refreshing change from the norm.
8. A tall glass of lemonade is incredibly refreshing.
9. The mountain air had a crisp, refreshing quality.
10. A sincere apology can be quite refreshing.
11. The rain brought a refreshing break from the heat.
12. The laughter of children is always refreshing to hear.
13. After a long hike, a cold drink is incredibly refreshing.
14. A positive attitude can be refreshing in challenging times.
15. His honesty was like a refreshing breeze.
16. A brisk walk in the morning can be quite refreshing.
17. The new perspective was refreshing and eye-opening.
18. The spa's treatments left her feeling refreshed.
19. Her smile was a refreshing sight in a room full of frowns.
20. A good night's sleep can be so refreshing.
21. The salad with fresh greens was a refreshing choice.
22. The comedian's jokes were a refreshing break from stress.
23. A change of scenery can be refreshing for the soul.
24. His words of encouragement were truly refreshing.
25. The rain shower brought a refreshing end to the drought.



invigorating, exhausting, tiring, draining


ACT 4 (American College Testing), Vitality and Vigor, High School 1

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