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How to pronounce pressing (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pressing

Urgent, demanding immediate attention, action, or consideration.
"He had a pressing engagement and needed to leave."

Detailed meaning of pressing

When a matter or issue is labeled as 'pressing,' it implies that it is of utmost importance and requires prompt and focused efforts to address or resolve. This term conveys a sense of urgency and prioritization, often indicating that the situation cannot be delayed or ignored without significant consequences. 'Pressing' concerns can range from critical tasks and deadlines to matters of great significance, and they often require a swift and concentrated response to prevent problems or seize opportunities. 'Pressing' underscores the need for timely and decisive action in the face of immediate challenges or critical situations.

Example sentences containing pressing

1. The matter was pressing and needed to be addressed immediately.
2. The problem was pressing and required urgent attention.
3. She had a pressing deadline and needed to finish the project as soon as possible.
4. The question was pressing and needed to be answered.
5. The need for action was pressing, as the situation was rapidly deteriorating.
6. He had pressing business to attend to and couldn't stay.

History and etymology of pressing

The adjective 'pressing' has its roots in the word 'press,' which originally comes from the Latin 'pressus,' the past participle of 'premere,' meaning 'to press' or 'to squeeze.' In its early English usage, 'pressing' was linked to the physical act of pressing, but over time, it evolved to describe situations or matters that exerted a figurative form of pressure. The adjective 'pressing' came to denote issues, needs, or demands that were urgent and required immediate attention, action, or consideration, much like the pressure applied to an object. Thus, 'pressing' conveys a sense of urgency and importance, reflecting its historical connection to the concept of applying pressure, whether literal or metaphorical, to achieve a prompt response or resolution.

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Further usage examples of pressing

1. The issue was pressing and had to be resolved before the meeting.
2. The situation was pressing, and they had to make a decision quickly.
3. She felt a pressing sense of urgency to finish the task.
4. The matter was pressing and needed to be handled with care.
5. The pressing need for more resources was evident in the project's progress.
7. The pressing need for clean water in the village requires immediate action.
8. Urgent meetings are scheduled to address pressing issues.
9. He faced a pressing deadline for his project submission.
10. The doctor attended to the patient's pressing medical condition.
11. The team is focused on resolving pressing customer complaints.
12. The organization is dealing with pressing financial challenges.
13. The news highlighted the pressing refugee crisis.
14. We must address pressing social inequalities.
15. Emergency services respond to pressing calls for assistance.
16. The company's growth strategy faces pressing obstacles.
17. A pressing engagement required her immediate attention.
18. The government must tackle pressing infrastructure issues.
19. The team worked late to address pressing software bugs.
20. Poverty remains a pressing issue in many communities.
21. The president faces pressing diplomatic challenges.
22. The teacher attended to pressing student concerns.
23. Addressing pressing cybersecurity threats is a top priority.
24. Environmental conservation is a pressing global imperative.
25. The impending storm is a pressing weather concern.



urgent, trivial, unimportant, noncritical


Prefix pre-, SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Decision and Discretion, Fundamental and Essential

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