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How to pronounce imperative (audio)
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Dictionary definition of imperative

Absolutely necessary or crucial, and must be done regardless of other considerations.
"He believed that it was imperative to invest in the company's future."

Detailed meaning of imperative

An imperative situation is one in which there is no room for compromise or delay, and the outcome depends on immediate action. Something that is imperative is considered essential, urgent and requires prompt attention. For example, "providing medical aid to the injured is imperative in emergency situations." The word is often used to describe situations that demand immediate attention, where the consequences of inaction or delay can be severe.

Example sentences containing imperative

1. It is imperative that we address the issue as soon as possible.
2. She realized that it was imperative to finish the project on time.
3. He understood that it was imperative to maintain good relationships with clients.
4. It was imperative that she take care of her health.
5. He believed that it was imperative to be honest in all business dealings.
6. It is imperative that we find a solution to the problem.

History and etymology of imperative

The adjective 'imperative' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'imperativus,' which is formed from 'imperare,' meaning 'to command' or 'to order.' In Latin grammar, the 'imperativus' form was used to issue commands or instructions. As the term made its way into English, it retained this sense of something that is absolutely necessary and must be done without question, often in the form of a command or directive. Thus, 'imperative' emphasizes the crucial nature of a task or requirement, highlighting its origin in the concept of issuing orders or commands that brook no delay or debate.

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Further usage examples of imperative

1. She knew that it was imperative to stay organized to meet the deadline.
2. Empathy, communication and resilience are imperative for good leadership.
3. He felt that it was imperative to stand up for what was right.
4. She realized that it was imperative to improve her communication skills.
5. He felt it was imperative to adapt to the changing market conditions.
6. Safety protocols are imperative to protect workers in high-risk environments.
7. In a crisis, clear and decisive leadership becomes imperative for a successful response.
8. Access to quality education is imperative for the development of future generations.
9. It's imperative that we respect the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information.
10. Participating in the democratic process by voting is an imperative civic duty.
11. Swift and coordinated efforts are imperative to contain the rapid spread of infectious diseases.
12. Trust is imperative for building strong and lasting relationships in both personal and professional life.
13. Adaptation to emerging technologies is imperative to stay competitive in today's business landscape.
14. In emergency situations, an immediate and effective response is imperative to save lives.
15. Upholding the rule of law is imperative to maintain a just and orderly society.
16. Honesty and integrity are imperative virtues when making ethical decisions.
17. Effective leadership is imperative to guide organizations through periods of uncertainty and change.
18. Maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is imperative for overall health and well-being.
19. Transparency and accountability are imperative principles for good governance.
20. Collaboration and teamwork are imperative for achieving common goals in a diverse workforce.
21. Conservation efforts are imperative to safeguard the world's biodiversity and ecosystems.
22. It's imperative to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background.
23. Ethical behavior and responsible practices are imperative in the business world.
24. The preservation of historical landmarks and cultural heritage sites is imperative for future generations to appreciate their history and heritage.

essential, optional, unimportant, unnecessary

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