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How to pronounce vainglorious (audio)

Dictionary definition of vainglorious

Excessively proud, boastful, or vain, often to the point of being arrogant or self-centered.
"The athlete's vainglorious celebration after scoring the goal was unnecessary."

Detailed meaning of vainglorious

A vainglorious person is someone who seeks attention, admiration, or praise, and may engage in behavior that is designed to draw attention to themselves. The term can also be used to describe something that is showy or ostentatious, and may be intended to impress or dazzle others. In general, the term 'vainglorious' is used to describe someone or something that is characterized by excessive pride or self-importance, and may be seen as superficial or shallow. The use of the term suggests a sense of criticism or disapproval, and may be used to express a sense of contempt or disdain towards a particular person or behavior.

Example sentences containing vainglorious

1. His vainglorious boasts about his achievements annoyed his colleagues.
2. The politician's vainglorious speeches were met with skepticism from the public.
3. She had a reputation for being vainglorious, always seeking attention.
4. The vainglorious artist believed he was a genius and refused to take feedback.
5. The CEO's vainglorious attitude alienated employees and stakeholders.
6. The actor's vainglorious behavior on set made him difficult to work with.

History and etymology of vainglorious

The adjective 'vainglorious' has its roots in Old French and Latin. It originated from the Old French word 'vain glorieux,' which meant 'full of empty pride.' This Old French term, in turn, was influenced by the Latin phrase 'vanus gloriosus,' where 'vanus' meant 'empty' or 'vain,' and 'gloriosus' meant 'glorious' or 'boastful.' Over time, as it entered the English language, 'vainglorious' retained its sense of excessive pride, boastfulness, or vanity, often to the point of arrogance or self-centeredness. When describing someone as 'vainglorious,' it implies a preoccupation with one's own achievements or appearance and a desire for admiration or praise that may come across as shallow or insincere.

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Further usage examples of vainglorious

1. Her vainglorious pursuit of fame left her feeling empty and unfulfilled.
2. The athlete's vainglorious demeanor made it hard for teammates to connect.
3. The author's vainglorious self-promotion overshadowed the quality of the book.
4. Dealing with a vainglorious boss can be challenging for subordinates.
5. The fashion designer's vainglorious display of wealth turned heads at the event.
6. His vainglorious attempts to impress others often fell flat.
7. The musician's vainglorious attitude hindered collaboration with other artists.
8. The vainglorious entrepreneur boasted about his business success at every opportunity.
9. Her vainglorious attempts to outshine her coworkers only isolated her.
10. The vainglorious leader refused to acknowledge the contributions of the team.
11. The magazine article painted a vainglorious image of the celebrity's life.
12. The professor's vainglorious lectures focused more on self-praise than on the subject.
13. The vainglorious politician cared more about image than actual policy changes.
14. Despite his vainglorious exterior, he struggled with self-doubt in private.



boastful, modest, humble, self-deprecating


Abundance and Excess, Artifice and Falseness, Character Traits and Behavior, Emotional Extremes and Reactions, Arrogance and Selfishness

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