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How to pronounce pompous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of pompous

Displaying an exaggerated sense of self-importance, grandiosity, or pretentiousness in one's behavior, speech, or mannerisms.
"He strutted around the office with a pompous air, acting as if he knew everything."


Detailed meaning of pompous

When we refer to an individual as pompous, we are highlighting their tendency to act in a self-aggrandizing and ostentatious manner, often to impress or assert their superiority over others. This term implies an excessive use of flowery or inflated language and a desire to be perceived as more knowledgeable or significant than they truly are. Pompous individuals may come across as arrogant, condescending, or insincere, and their behavior can be off-putting to others who value humility and authenticity. "Pompous" underscores the idea of excessive self-importance and a conspicuous desire for recognition or admiration, often at the expense of genuine connection with those around them.

Example sentences containing pompous

1. His pompous speech at the event only served to alienate the audience.
2. She had a habit of making pompous remarks that irritated her friends.
3. The professor's pompous demeanor made it hard for students to approach him.
4. The CEO's pompous attitude towards his employees created a tense work environment.
5. The politician's pompous promises lacked substance and authenticity.
6. Her pompous behavior at the party drew eye rolls from the other guests.

History and etymology of pompous

The adjective 'pompous' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'pomposus,' which meant 'full of ceremony' or 'grand.' Over time, it evolved in English to describe someone or something that displays an exaggerated sense of self-importance, grandiosity, or pretentiousness. 'Pompous' individuals or actions are often characterized by an excessive show of formality, self-importance, or verbosity, which can come across as insincere or inflated. This term highlights the notion that such behavior is akin to a grandiose display, but it is often perceived negatively as an artificial or self-indulgent show of importance rather than a genuine reflection of merit or stature.

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Further usage examples of pompous

1. The author's use of pompous language in the novel distracted from the story.
2. His pompous sense of self-importance made it difficult to have meaningful conversations.
3. The judge's pompous tone during the trial rubbed the lawyers the wrong way.
4. The magazine article was filled with pompous claims that were hard to believe.
5. Despite his pompous appearance, he was actually quite humble and approachable.
6. The ambassador's pompous introduction left a negative impression on the foreign delegates.
7. The artist's pompous explanation of his artwork left many people puzzled.
8. The restaurant's menu descriptions came across as overly pompous and pretentious.
9. Her pompous insistence on being right led to many arguments with her friends.
10. The talk show host's pompous interviewing style turned off many viewers.
11. His pompous display of wealth made him seem out of touch with reality.
12. The architect's pompous designs were praised by some but criticized by others.
13. The actor's pompous behavior on set made it difficult for the crew to work with him.
14. The seminar was filled with pompous theories that were hard to relate to real life.



self-important, humble, modest, unassuming


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