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How to pronounce vivid (audio)
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Dictionary definition of vivid

Exceptionally clear, bright, and intense in its appearance or presentation.
"The woman gave the police a vivid description of the intruder."

Detailed meaning of vivid

When an object, image, or experience is described as vivid, it implies that it is marked by striking and lively colors, details, or sensations that are highly noticeable and evocative. For example, a vivid sunset might showcase a spectacular array of colors that ignite the sky, while a vivid memory can evoke strong and detailed recollections of a past event. "Vivid" can also be used metaphorically to describe the liveliness and intensity of emotions, descriptions, or storytelling, emphasizing the ability to create a clear and lasting impression on the senses or the mind. Overall, "vivid" conveys a sense of extraordinary clarity and intensity, making it a term often used to depict experiences or images that are both memorable and captivating.

Example sentences containing vivid

1. He has a remarkably clear and vivid memory of his early childhood.
2. He is haunted with vivid memories of that terrifying car accident.
3. The vivid language and dialog gave real energy and authenticity to the play.
4. The young boy had a vivid imagination and liked to describe elaborate stories about imaginary creatures.
5. The childrens book was a firm favourite and includes many vivid illustrations.
6. He went through a stage of having the most vivid dreams that were stunningly realistic.

History and etymology of vivid

The adjective 'vivid' traces its etymological origins to the Latin word 'vividus,' which means 'lively' or 'full of life.' Over time, 'vividus' evolved into the Old French term 'vivid,' which retained the sense of liveliness and vibrancy. Thus, etymologically, 'vivid' is closely tied to the idea of something being exceptionally clear, bright, and intense in its appearance or presentation, much like a lively and vibrant scene. This word aptly captures the essence of vividness, often used to describe colors, images, or descriptions that are so striking and lifelike that they evoke a strong and vivid impression in the observer's mind. Its etymology emphasizes the dynamic quality of 'vivid,' where life and intensity converge to create a powerful sensory experience.

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Further usage examples of vivid

1. He was well-known for his flamboyant style and strikingly vivid outfits.
2. The sky was a vivid shade of blue.
3. She described the accident in vivid detail.
4. The flowers in the garden were a vivid array of colors.
5. He had a vivid imagination and loved to make up stories.
6. The painting was so vivid that it seemed to come to life.
7. She could still remember her dream vividly.
8. The sun was so bright that it cast a vivid reflection on the water.
9. The colors in the stained glass window were vivid and vibrant.
10. The fireworks display was a vivid display of colors and patterns.
11. The speaker used vivid language to describe her experiences.
12. The cloth was dyed a vivid shade of red.
13. The scar on his cheek was a vivid reminder of the accident.
14. The memories of her childhood were still vivid in her mind.
15. The colors of the autumn leaves were vivid and beautiful.
16. The dream was so vivid that it felt real when she woke up.

vibrant, dull, lifeless, lackluster

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