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How to pronounce emotive (audio)

Dictionary definition of emotive

Arousing or evoking strong emotions, particularly in a deeply affecting or moving way.
"The actor's emotive performance moved the audience to tears."

Detailed meaning of emotive

When we characterize something as emotive, we emphasize its capacity to stir feelings, whether they be joy, sadness, anger, empathy, or any other intense emotion. Emotive elements can be found in various forms of expression, such as art, literature, music, or speeches, where their purpose is often to engage and connect with the audience on a profound emotional level. This term conveys a sense of the subject's ability to elicit a heartfelt and visceral response, making it a powerful tool for conveying sentiment and meaning. Whether it's an emotive piece of poetry, an emotive piece of music, or an emotive speech that moves listeners to tears, this adjective highlights the profound emotional impact and resonance of the subject.

Example sentences containing emotive

1. The emotive melody of the song stirred a whirlwind of emotions in the listeners.
2. Her emotive storytelling, filled with vivid details and heartfelt expressions, transported the audience into another world.
3. The emotive scene in the film, featuring a tearful farewell, left an indelible mark on the viewers' hearts.
4. His emotive performance on stage, marked by passionate acting and raw emotion, earned him a standing ovation.
5. The emotive documentary, through powerful storytelling and poignant interviews, shed light on a pressing social issue.
6. The emotive photograph, capturing a mother's tender embrace of her child, resonated with viewers worldwide.

History and etymology of emotive

The adjective 'emotive' finds its origins in the Latin word 'emotivus,' which is derived from 'emovere,' a combination of 'e,' meaning 'out of,' and 'movere,' meaning 'to move.' This etymology is intriguing as it underscores the notion of moving something out or stirring it up. When we describe something as 'emotive,' we mean that it has the power to arouse or evoke strong emotions, often in a deeply affecting or moving way. This connection to the idea of stirring or moving emotions reflects the essence of what it means to be 'emotive' and how it can profoundly impact our feelings and sentiments.

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Further usage examples of emotive

1. Her emotive speech at the rally, delivered with unwavering conviction, galvanized the crowd into action.
2. The emotive sunset, painting the sky with a rich palette of warm colors, created a breathtaking sight.
3. His emotive confession, revealing his innermost fears and hopes, was a moment of profound vulnerability.
4. The emotive poem, with its evocative language and poignant themes, left readers contemplating life's mysteries.
5. The emotive gesture, a simple but heartfelt handshake, conveyed more gratitude than words ever could.
6. Her emotive expression, a subtle mix of sadness and longing, spoke volumes without a single word.
7. The emotive novel, with its intricate characters and emotional depth, left readers pondering its powerful themes.
8. His emotive acting in the pivotal scene brought the character's inner turmoil to life in a hauntingly realistic manner.
9. The emotive reunion of long-lost friends brought tears of joy and heartfelt laughter.
10. The emotive art piece, a striking blend of colors and shapes, evoked a wide range of emotions in those who gazed upon it.
11. Her emotive plea, delivered with unwavering sincerity, touched the hearts of many and inspired acts of kindness.
12. The emotive response of the community, marked by overwhelming support and compassion, was heartwarming.
13. The emotive dance performance, characterized by graceful movements and passionate expressions, was a visual spectacle.
14. Her emotive letter, filled with words of profound love and longing, was a testament to the depth of her emotions.
15. The emotive storytelling in the play, woven with dramatic tension and heart-rending moments, left a lasting impact.
16. His emotive singing, delivered with a soul-stirring voice, moved the audience to tears and applause.
17. The emotive film, with its compelling characters and poignant storyline, delivered a powerful message about love and resilience.
18. Her emotive gesture of kindness, helping a stranger in need, demonstrated the goodness in humanity.
19. The emotive artwork, with its rich symbolism and striking imagery, stirred a deep sense of introspection in those who viewed it.
20. His emotive speech, delivered with passion and eloquence, resonated deeply with the audience and sparked a call to action.
21. The emotive scene in the play, featuring a heart-wrenching farewell, left the audience in tears and applause.
22. The emotive song lyrics, with their raw honesty and relatable themes, struck a chord with listeners, making it an instant hit.
23. Her emotive storytelling, with its vivid descriptions and heartfelt characters, transported readers to a world of imagination and emotion.
24. The emotive documentary, through powerful interviews and heartrending footage, shed light on the struggles of a marginalized community.



moving, unemotional, impassive, stoic


Prefix em-, Consciousness and Awareness, Seduction and Allure, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Expressions Of Emotion

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