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How to pronounce worthy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of worthy

Possesses qualities, attributes, or merits that deserve recognition, respect, or consideration.
"The soldier's bravery made him worthy of a medal of honor."

Detailed meaning of worthy

When someone or something is labeled as worthy, it indicates that they have demonstrated value, excellence, or worthiness in a particular context. This term is often associated with qualities like integrity, virtue, skill, or accomplishment. For example, a person with a strong moral character may be considered worthy of trust and admiration, while an achievement or endeavor that brings about significant positive change might be deemed worthy of praise. "Worthy" implies that there is a genuine and justifiable reason to hold someone or something in esteem or regard, highlighting their merit and significance.

Example sentences containing worthy

1. Her selflessness makes her a truly worthy friend.
2. The project's goals are worthy of our full commitment.
3. He's proven himself as a worthy leader time and again.
4. The cause they champion is certainly worthy.
5. She received an award for her worthy contributions.
6. Their dedication to the community is truly worthy.

History and etymology of worthy

The adjective 'worthy' has its etymology rooted in Old English and Germanic languages. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'weorðig,' which is related to the Old High German word 'werdig,' both of which mean 'having worth' or 'deserving.' These words are derived from the Germanic root 'wertha,' which means 'value' or 'worth.' Consequently, 'worthy' etymologically signifies possessing qualities, attributes, or merits that deserve recognition, respect, or consideration because of their intrinsic value or worthiness. When we describe someone or something as 'worthy,' we are essentially acknowledging the inherent value and merit they hold, making them deserving of positive regard and esteem.

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Further usage examples of worthy

1. The book is a worthy addition to the literary canon.
2. Honesty is a worthy trait in any relationship.
3. He's a worthy contender for the championship.
4. The organization's mission is both noble and worthy.
5. His efforts to protect the environment are highly worthy.
6. Kindness is a worthy goal in all interactions.
7. The scholarship aims to support worthy students.
8. Their commitment to justice is truly worthy of praise.
9. The film tells a worthy story of resilience and hope.
10. Worthy causes often rely on grassroots support.
11. The company is dedicated to worthy ethical practices.
12. Her charity work makes her a truly worthy role model.
13. Dedication to education is a worthy pursuit.
14. The museum showcases art from many worthy artists.
15. The scientist's work was deemed worthy of a Nobel Prize.
16. The athlete's impressive performance made him worthy of a spot on the national team.
17. The artwork was considered worthy of being displayed in a museum.
18. The charity's efforts were worthy of recognition and praise.
19. The volunteer's selfless contributions made her worthy of a special award.
20. The film was considered worthy of an Academy Award for its impactful message.
21. The writer's work was considered worthy of a literary prize for its depth and insight.
22. The student's academic achievements made her worthy of a scholarship.
23. The musician's talent made him worthy of a recording contract.
24. The politician's efforts were worthy of recognition for his contributions to the community.
25. The humanitarian's compassion made her worthy of a lifetime achievement award.



deserving, unworthy, undeserving, insignificant


Excellence and Virtue, Middle School 14, Praise and Respect

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