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How to pronounce laudable (audio)

Dictionary definition of laudable

Deserving of praise, admiration, and commendation due to one's moral virtue, excellence, or positive impact.
"His service to the armed forces is laudable and worthy of honor."

Detailed meaning of laudable

When something is laudable, it signifies that it merits recognition and approval for its admirable and praiseworthy nature. It often refers to deeds or behaviors that exhibit a sense of integrity, goodness, or social responsibility. People, organizations, or initiatives engaged in laudable activities are seen as contributing positively to society or upholding values that are considered morally upright. This term underscores the significance of recognizing and appreciating actions and qualities that exemplify what is deemed virtuous and commendable in a given context.

Example sentences containing laudable

1. Her laudable efforts in community service inspire many.
2. The laudable goal of the project is to reduce pollution.
3. His commitment to charity work is truly laudable.
4. The organization's laudable mission is to empower youth.
5. A laudable trait of his is his unwavering honesty.
6. The company's dedication to sustainability is laudable.

History and etymology of laudable

The adjective 'laudable' has its origins in Latin. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'laudabilis,' which is derived from 'laudare,' meaning 'to praise' or 'to commend.' The root 'laud-' carries the fundamental notion of commendation and approval. Therefore, when we describe something as 'laudable,' we are essentially acknowledging its praiseworthy and commendable qualities. It signifies that the action, behavior, or attribute in question is deserving of praise, admiration, and commendation due to its moral virtue, excellence, or positive impact. The etymology of 'laudable' ties it closely to the act of lauding, emphasizing the intrinsic merit and virtue of that which is being praised.

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Further usage examples of laudable

1. Their laudable achievements in science benefit society.
2. The teacher's passion for education is laudable.
3. Your persistence in pursuing your dreams is laudable.
4. The community recognized his laudable contributions.
5. The teacher's dedication to her students was laudable, and she was highly respected by her colleagues.
6. The actor's portrayal of the character was laudable and earned him critical acclaim.
7. He has shown a laudable devotion to his family.
8. Her devotion to the charity is laudable and commendable.
9. His honesty is laudable and quite refreshing.
10. He raised his children in good virtue and laudable arts.
11. The charity's efforts to feed the hungry were laudable and greatly appreciated.
12. The company's commitment to sustainability was laudable, and they were recognized with numerous awards.
13. The athlete's performance was laudable, and he was praised for his hard work and determination.
14. The artist's work was highly regarded and considered laudable by critics and collectors alike.
15. The company's customer service was consistently praised as being laudable.
16. The politician's efforts to bring about positive change were laudable and widely supported.
17. The scientist's breakthrough research was hailed as laudable and revolutionary.
18. The nonprofit's successful fundraising campaign was a laudable achievement that helped to make a significant impact.
19. The organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion was laudable, and they were praised for their efforts to promote equity.
20. The volunteer's selfless dedication to helping others was highly commendable and laudable.



commendable, disgraceful, unworthy, reprehensible


Suffix -able, SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Appreciation and Honor, Praise and Respect

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