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How to pronounce wraith (audio)

Dictionary definition of wraith

A ghostly or spectral apparition, often depicted as a shadowy figure or an ethereal presence.
"Legends spoke of a vengeful wraith that haunted the old graveyard at midnight."

Detailed meaning of wraith

In folklore and mythology, a wraith is believed to be the manifestation of a deceased person's spirit or soul, lingering on Earth rather than passing on to the afterlife. It is associated with a sense of haunting or foreboding, evoking feelings of fear or unease. Wraiths are commonly depicted as silent and ominous entities, often associated with death, sorrow, or malevolence. They are believed to appear in certain places or situations as an eerie reminder of mortality and the supernatural realm. The concept of a wraith has been prevalent in various cultures and has been featured in literature, legends, and folklore, captivating our imagination with its mystique and enigmatic nature.

Example sentences containing wraith

1. The wraith glided silently through the haunted mansion, sending shivers down everyone's spines.
2. The protagonist encountered a wraith in their nightmares, tormented by its ethereal presence.
3. The villagers believed that the wraith appeared during the full moon, bringing misfortune and despair.
4. The old painting seemed to capture the likeness of a wraith, its spectral figure hauntingly lifelike.
5. The ghost hunters set up their equipment, hoping to capture evidence of the elusive wraith.
6. A sense of dread washed over them as they entered the desolate forest, feeling as though unseen wraiths watched their every move.

History and etymology of wraith

The noun 'wraith' has its origins in Scottish and Northern English dialects, where it was initially used to refer to a ghost or apparition. The exact etymology of 'wraith' is somewhat obscure, but it is believed to be related to the Old Norse word 'reith' or 'raith,' which means a ghost or specter. Over time, 'wraith' came to represent a ghostly or spectral presence, often depicted as a shadowy figure or an ethereal entity. This term has been used in various literary and folkloric contexts to describe mysterious and otherworldly beings, emphasizing their eerie and elusive nature.

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Further usage examples of wraith

1. The wraith's mournful wail echoed through the abandoned house, chilling anyone who dared to listen.
2. The children told tales of a wraith that lurked in the dark corners of the school, waiting to snatch misbehaving students.
3. The psychic claimed to have the ability to communicate with wraiths, bridging the gap between the living and the dead.
4. The ancient legend warned of a powerful wraith that sought revenge on those who disturbed its resting place.
5. The traveler felt an eerie presence, as if unseen wraiths silently observed them from the shadows.
6. In the moonlight, a wraith appeared, haunting the old mansion.
7. The legend spoke of a vengeful wraith in the abandoned graveyard.
8. She claimed to have seen a wraith lurking in the attic.
9. The eerie forest was said to be inhabited by wraiths.
10. The wraith's whisper sent shivers down my spine.
11. The paranormal investigator sought evidence of wraiths.
12. The wraith's pale figure drifted silently through the hallway.
13. The old castle was rumored to be haunted by wraiths.
14. He felt a chilling presence, as if a wraith watched him.
15. The horror movie featured a malevolent wraith as the antagonist.
16. A wraithly figure emerged from the misty fog.
17. The psychic claimed to communicate with wraiths from beyond.
18. The wraith's gaze filled the room with an eerie coldness.
19. Legends told of a wraith guarding buried treasure.
20. The ancient tome contained accounts of encounters with wraiths.
21. He saw a wraith-like silhouette in the reflection of the window.
22. The wraith seemed to beckon from the darkened corridor.
23. In the attic, they discovered an old diary filled with wraith lore.
24. The haunted house was said to be infested with wraiths.
25. The cemetery at midnight was the ideal setting for a wraith tale.



apparition, reality, being, substance


SAT 6 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Fear and Ferocity, Mysticism and Spirituality

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