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How to pronounce wrongdoer (audio)

Dictionary definition of wrongdoer

An individual who engages in behavior or actions that are considered morally or legally unacceptable.
"The whistleblower exposed the wrongdoer's unethical practices within the company."

Detailed meaning of wrongdoer

It denotes someone who commits wrongdoing, whether it be a moral transgression or a violation of laws and regulations. A wrongdoer is typically seen as someone who has acted inappropriately, harmed others, or violated societal norms. The term encompasses a broad range of actions, from minor offenses to more serious crimes. Wrongdoers are often associated with negative consequences, as their actions can cause harm, distress, or loss to others. The concept of a wrongdoer is significant in legal systems, where the identification and punishment of individuals who have violated laws and caused harm is a fundamental aspect of maintaining justice and order in society.

Example sentences containing wrongdoer

1. The police apprehended the wrongdoer responsible for the recent burglaries.
2. The victim bravely stood up in court and faced her wrongdoer during the trial.
3. Society expects swift justice for those who commit acts of violence as wrongdoers.
4. It is crucial for law enforcement to investigate and identify the wrongdoer in cases of cybercrime.
5. The wrongdoer's actions left a trail of destruction and pain in their wake.
6. The judge sentenced the convicted wrongdoer to a lengthy prison term.

History and etymology of wrongdoer

The noun 'wrongdoer' is composed of two elements: 'wrong' and 'doer.' 'Wrong' has its roots in Old English 'wrang,' meaning unjust or improper, while 'doer' is derived from the Old English word 'dōere,' which signifies someone who performs an action or engages in an activity. When combined, 'wrongdoer' refers to an individual who engages in behavior or actions that are considered morally or legally unacceptable. The term captures the essence of someone involved in actions that go against established norms, rules, or ethical standards, and its etymology reflects the idea of one who commits injustices or improper acts.

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Further usage examples of wrongdoer

1. The community rallied together to support the victims and denounce the wrongdoers.
2. The organization implemented strict policies to prevent wrongdoers from taking advantage of their systems.
3. The wrongdoer's reckless behavior caused irreparable harm to the environment.
4. The documentary shed light on the stories of survivors and their pursuit of justice against their wrongdoers.
5. It is important for society to promote a culture of accountability and discourage the protection of wrongdoers.
6. The wrongdoer must face the consequences of their actions.
7. Society must hold the wrongdoer accountable for their crimes.
8. Forgiveness can be challenging, especially when the wrongdoer shows no remorse.
9. The victim sought justice against the wrongdoer in court.
10. Rehabilitation aims to reform the wrongdoer rather than punish them.
11. The wrongdoer's actions had a profound impact on their victims.
12. It's essential to distinguish between a wrongdoer and someone who made a mistake.
13. The wrongdoer's identity remained hidden, adding to the mystery.
14. The wrongdoer finally confessed, relieving their guilty conscience.
15. The wrongdoer's actions shook the community to its core.
16. It is the duty of the legal system to apprehend wrongdoers.
17. The wrongdoer's apology felt insincere and lacked genuine remorse.
18. Rehabilitation programs aim to reintegrate wrongdoers into society.
19. The wrongdoer's deceitful behavior left a trail of victims.
20. Society often stigmatizes wrongdoers long after they've paid their debt.
21. The wrongdoer's actions were inexcusable and unforgivable.
22. The wrongdoer's actions tarnished their reputation irreparably.
23. Society must offer support for wrongdoers seeking redemption.
24. The wrongdoer's actions demonstrated a complete lack of empathy.
25. Rehabilitation seeks to address the root causes of a wrongdoer's behavior.



malefactor, law-abider, innocent, upholder


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