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Examples of 'absolve' in a Sentence

1. Forgiveness can help absolve the bitterness of a broken relationship.
2. The therapy sessions aimed to help individuals absolve their inner conflicts.
3. The president's speech attempted to absolve the government of any responsibility.
4. The shareholders demanded an investigation to absolve any financial irregularities.
5. The company's actions couldn't be easily absolved by a simple apology.
6. The lawyer worked hard to absolve their client from the charges.
7. The new evidence emerged, which led to the court's decision to absolve the suspect.
8. Society often struggles to absolve people with unconventional beliefs.
9. The act of charity seemed to absolve the guilt of the wealthy philanthropist.
10. The parents chose to absolve their child's misbehavior due to extenuating circumstances.
11. The leader's charisma didn't absolve them from making tough decisions.
12. Some cultures emphasize rituals to absolve spiritual impurities.
13. A sincere confession can sometimes absolve feelings of guilt.
14. The comprehensive investigation aimed to absolve any doubts about the project's integrity.
15. The jury's verdict will not absolve him in the eyes of public opinion.
16. The judge has the power to absolve the defendant if there is insufficient evidence.
17. The charity work she did could not absolve her guilty conscience for her past mistakes.
18. An apology does not always absolve the offender of the harm they have caused.
19. The document was intended to absolve the company of any liability in case of accidents.
20. The detective managed to find evidence that could potentially absolve the suspect of all charges.
21. It is not within our authority to absolve individuals of their legal obligations.
22. By paying the debt, the debtor seeks to absolve himself of the financial obligation to the creditor.
23. Her explanation did little to absolve her in the eyes of her disappointed parents.
24. The insurance agreement may not absolve you of responsibility in certain circumstances.


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