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How to pronounce remit (audio)

Dictionary definition of remit

A specific task, responsibility, or area of authority that has been assigned or delegated to someone.
"The manager's remit was to oversee the daily operations of the department."

Detailed meaning of remit

It represents a defined scope of work or a particular set of duties within a larger context. The remit can pertain to various domains such as professional, organizational, or legal matters. It delineates the boundaries and expectations of an individual's role, outlining the specific objectives, targets, or objectives they are accountable for. In a broader sense, "remit" can also refer to the overall scope or extent of a particular subject or issue. It encapsulates the range or jurisdiction within which certain actions, decisions, or policies can be applied or enforced. The remit serves as a guiding framework, providing clarity and direction in order to achieve specific goals or fulfill particular obligations.

Example sentences containing remit

1. The accountant's remit included managing the company's financial statements and budgets.
2. The teacher's remit extended beyond teaching, as they also had to assess students' progress and provide feedback.
3. The committee's remit was to evaluate and propose changes to the existing policies.
4. The doctor's remit involved diagnosing and treating patients with a specific medical condition.
5. The lawyer's remit was to provide legal counsel and representation to their clients.
6. The project manager's remit was to ensure the successful completion of the project within the given timeline and budget.

History and etymology of remit

The noun 'remit' in the sense of a specific task, responsibility, or area of authority assigned or delegated to someone has its origins in Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'remittere,' which is a combination of 're,' meaning 'back' or 'again,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to send' or 'to let go.' Therefore, 'remittere' originally signified the act of sending something back or letting it go, often referring to a task or duty being assigned. Over time, as Latin evolved into Old French and later into Middle English, 'remittere' transformed into 'remit,' maintaining its essence of a duty or responsibility being delegated or assigned to someone. This etymology accurately reflects the concept of a specific task or responsibility that has been remitted or entrusted to an individual.

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Further usage examples of remit

1. The journalist's remit was to cover local news stories and report on current events.
2. The judge's remit was to interpret and apply the law impartially in the courtroom.
3. The researcher's remit was to conduct experiments and analyze data to contribute to scientific knowledge.
4. The marketing team's remit was to develop effective strategies to promote the company's products.
5. The ambassador's remit was to represent their country's interests and maintain diplomatic relations with other nations.
6. It's your remit to oversee the marketing campaign's success.
7. The manager's remit includes budget allocation and team supervision.
8. She excels in her remit as the company's chief financial officer.
9. The team leader's remit extends to project coordination and planning.
10. The teacher's remit covers curriculum development and student assessment.
11. As the CEO, his remit involves setting the company's strategic direction.
12. Her remit as a diplomat is to foster international relations.
13. The technician's remit is to maintain and repair the machinery.
14. The remit of the committee is to review policy proposals.
15. He oversees a broad remit of legal matters for the firm.
16. The director's remit includes artistic direction and production.
17. The government's remit is to provide essential services to citizens.
18. It's within her remit to make decisions about product design.
19. The project manager's remit involves timeline and resource allocation.
20. Their remit as volunteers is to assist in disaster relief efforts.
21. The research team's remit is to explore new scientific frontiers.
22. The remit of the sales team is to achieve revenue targets.
23. The committee's remit is to review and propose policy changes.
24. His remit encompasses quality control and process improvement.
25. The principal's remit includes student discipline and school policy.



duty, disregard, neglect, overlook


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