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Examples of 'adoration' in a Sentence

1. The adoration of nature inspired the poet's beautiful verses.
2. The adoration for the team was palpable in the stadium, with fans cheering and waving flags.
3. The actor basked in the adoration of the audience during the standing ovation.
4. The adoration of their loyal customers was the driving force behind the success of the business.
5. The adoration for the religious leader was evident in the large crowds that gathered to hear his teachings.
6. The adoration for the philanthropist grew as people witnessed the positive impact of their charitable efforts.
7. The child's puppy eyes and wagging tail were met with immediate adoration from their new family.
8. The adoration for the author's novels led to long queues at book signings.
9. The adoration of their mentors fueled their determination to succeed.
10. The adoration for their culture and heritage was passed down through generations.
11. The adoration for their favorite sports team was evident in the passionate chants and cheers from the stands.
12. The adoration in her voice as she spoke about her role model was undeniable.
13. The adoration for the historical monument drew tourists from all over the world.
14. The adoration for the legendary musician's talent transcended generations.


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