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Examples of 'apparatus' in a Sentence

1. The factory's production apparatus was highly efficient.
2. The magician's apparatus made his tricks seem impossible.
3. The astronaut checked the spacecraft's life-support apparatus.
4. The detective examined the crime scene apparatus.
5. The laboratory apparatus allowed for precise measurements.
6. The diving team prepared their underwater apparatus.
7. The brewery had a unique fermentation apparatus.
8. The athlete trained with specialized workout apparatus.
9. The artist used a variety of painting apparatus.
10. The construction crew relied on heavy machinery apparatus.
11. The science fiction film featured futuristic apparatus.
12. The laboratory apparatus required careful calibration.
13. The musician's recording studio had advanced sound apparatus.
14. The spy had a collection of covert surveillance apparatus.
15. The firefighter donned the protective apparatus before entering the burning building.
16. The gymnast showcased her skills on the balance beam apparatus.
17. The laboratory technician carefully calibrated the apparatus for accurate results.
18. The surgeon relied on advanced surgical apparatus to perform the delicate procedure.
19. The chemistry professor demonstrated the use of various apparatus during the experiment.
20. The engineer inspected the industrial apparatus to ensure smooth operation.
21. The athlete trained diligently on the weightlifting apparatus to improve strength.
22. The rescue team arrived with specialized apparatus to extract the trapped hikers.
23. The astronomer adjusted the telescope apparatus to observe distant celestial objects.
24. The musician relied on electronic apparatus to create unique sounds and effects.
25. The forensic investigator used specialized apparatus to collect evidence at the crime scene.

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