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Examples of 'careen' in a Sentence

1. The cyclist has to careen down the steep hill to gain momentum for the next climb.
2. On water slides, people careen down twists and turns before splashing into the pool.
3. The pinball will careen around the machine, hitting various bumpers and obstacles.
4. They watch in awe as the roller coasters careen through loops and corkscrews.
5. The skaters careen across the ice with elegance and style during the performance.
6. On windy days, the kites careen through the sky, giving a sense of freedom to those flying them.
7. The children careen down the hill in their sleds, laughing and enjoying the snow.
8. The race cars careen around the track, their engines roaring loudly.
9. In video games, characters often careen through different levels, collecting items and avoiding obstacles.
10. The stuntman will careen over the ramp in a daring motorcycle jump.
11. On a high-speed chase, the agents careen through the streets, pursuing the villain.
12. The kayakers careen through the rapids, skillfully navigating the turbulent waters.
13. The car started to careen dangerously on the icy road.
14. The ship began to careen in the turbulent sea.
15. The cyclist had to brake hard to avoid careening into traffic.
16. The roller coaster made riders feel like they were careening through the sky.
17. The drunk driver careened down the street, narrowly avoiding collisions.
18. The skier lost control and careened down the steep slope.
19. The runaway shopping cart careened through the parking lot.
20. The speeding motorcyclist careened around the sharp curve.
21. The skateboarder careened down the hill, performing tricks.
22. The boat careened as it hit rough waters in the storm.
23. The driver swerved to avoid careening into the stalled car.
24. The bobsled careened down the icy track at breakneck speed.

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