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Examples of 'casualty' in a Sentence

1. A casualty of the storm, she lost everything, yet her spirit endured.
2. The flood’s wrath spared none, claiming a silent casualty in its wake.
3. Amidst disaster’s ruins, a casualty was discovered, life barely clinging.
4. The battlefield, harsh and unforgiving, witnessed another silent casualty.
5. A life, transformed into a casualty, marked the conflict’s profound cost.
6. The rescue team, amidst chaos, focused on a casualty, silent and still.
7. In the disaster’s aftermath, a casualty's silent scream echoed within us.
8. War, unyielding, claimed a soul, turning a soldier into a casualty.
9. One casualty lay under the starry sky, testament to the disaster’s wrath.
10. Amidst the catastrophe’s chaos, a casualty’s stillness spoke volumes.
11. As dawn broke, the scene unveiled a solitary casualty amidst the ruins.
12. In war’s cruel dance, a soldier transformed into another silent casualty.
13. The accident, swift and brutal, left a casualty amidst the eerie silence.
14. A casualty, marked by conflict, lay silent, echoing the cost of war.
15. A casualty, amidst the flames, painted a haunting image of disaster's toll.
16. In the accident's eerie silence, a casualty’s whispers of life flickered.
17. Amidst conflict’s chaos, a casualty’s silent plea echoed unsung heroism.
18. A casualty in the storm’s heart brought silent tears amidst raging winds.
19. In the battle’s harsh theatre, a casualty lay, echoing unsung valor.
20. Post-explosion, amidst the smoke, a casualty's silent form was outlined.
21. The hurricane left a city in ruins and a casualty, silent in despair.
22. A casualty, a soul marked by war, lay beneath the silent, starry expanse.
23. Amidst chaos, a casualty’s whisper of life contrasted stark, silent death.
24. The silent aftermath of the quake revealed a casualty, voiceless and still.

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