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Examples of 'condone' in a Sentence

1. Society should not condone violence as a solution to problems.
2. Friends often condone each other's minor indiscretions.
3. The law does not condone reckless driving.
4. The coach does not condone unsportsmanlike conduct on the field.
5. Parents should not condone their children's disrespectful attitudes.
6. They chose to condone his lies rather than confront him.
7. We should never condone animal cruelty.
8. The committee decided to condone his absence from the meeting.
9. The teacher does not condone plagiarism in any form.
10. The organization does not condone any form of discrimination.
11. Friends should not condone destructive habits.
12. The community does not condone illegal drug use.
13. The company policy does not condone favoritism.
14. It's essential not to condone hate speech or bigotry.
15. The government refused to condone the illegal actions of the protest group.
16. The company's policies strictly prohibit and do not condone any form of harassment.
17. The parents refused to condone their teenage daughter's delinquent behavior.
18. The religious leader condemned and did not condone the use of violence in any form.
19. The court refused to condone the defendant's unethical business practices.
20. The public opinion was strongly against and did not condone the leader's corruption.
21. The university did not condone the plagiarism and expelled the student.
22. The community did not condone the reckless driving and called for stricter laws.
23. The partner did not condone the lying and deceit and ended the relationship.
24. The human rights organization did not condone the use of torture by the government.
25. The doctor did not condone the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.


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