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Examples of 'confide' in a Sentence

1. The priest reminded his parishioners that they could always confide in him if they needed to talk.
2. It's important to respect someone's decision not to confide in you, even if you are close friends.
3. She regretted not confiding in her friends sooner about her struggles with mental health.
4. The politician confided in his advisors about the potential scandal, seeking their guidance.
5. The young girl found comfort in confiding in her diary about her feelings and experiences.
6. When she feels overwhelmed, she knows she can confide in her best friend for emotional support.
7. He's hesitant to confide his deepest fears, even to those closest to him, for fear of judgment.
8. After years of silence, she finally felt ready to confide her experiences to a therapist.
9. You can confide your concerns with me; I promise to keep everything strictly confidential.
10. It's essential for spouses to confide in each other to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.
11. She wished to confide her aspirations to her parents but feared they wouldn't understand.
12. If you confide your mistakes, people are more likely to trust and forgive you in the long run.
13. Struggling with the burden of a secret, he chose to confide in his older sister for advice.
14. It takes time to build enough trust to confide sensitive issues within a new friendship.
15. When you confide your dreams to someone, it makes you more accountable for achieving them.
16. Parents should create an environment where their children feel safe to confide their worries.
17. When she won the award, the first person she wanted to confide her excitement in was her mentor.
18. As a manager, allowing employees to confide their concerns can improve workplace well-being.
19. When facing a moral dilemma, it's often beneficial to confide in someone whose judgment you trust.
20. While she could confide her joys easily, sharing her sorrows remained a more challenging feat.
21. Before making a big decision, he felt it was wise to confide in someone with more experience.
22. In a journal, you can confide your thoughts without worrying about anyone else's opinions.
23. After the diagnosis, it took him a while to confide the news to his extended family and friends.
24. As roommates, they confide in each other about the ups and downs of college life frequently.
25. Some find it easier to confide in a pet, appreciating the non-judgmental listening they offer.

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