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Examples of 'confidential' in a Sentence

1. Confidentiality is crucial in handling sensitive data.
2. Access to the confidential files is restricted.
3. The confidential memo contained classified information.
4. Employees are required to maintain client confidentiality.
5. The therapist assured the patient of strict confidentiality.
6. Handling confidential information requires discretion.
7. The journalist vowed to protect her source's confidentiality.
8. Breaching confidentiality can have legal consequences.
9. The confidential nature of the project was stressed.
10. Confidentiality is a key aspect of the legal profession.
11. They discussed the matter in a confidential setting.
12. The confidential data was encrypted for security.
13. The confidentiality of the investigation was maintained.
14. This is highly confidential information.
15. Please keep this document confidential.
16. The meeting was held under confidential circumstances.
17. The confidential data should only be accessed by authorized personnel.
18. We signed a confidential agreement before starting the project.
19. The email contained confidential details about the merger.
20. You must maintain the confidentiality of the client's information.
21. The confidential source wished to remain anonymous.
22. The company's confidential financial information was leaked to the public.
23. The employee was terminated for breaching confidential company policies.
24. Confidentiality is crucial when dealing with sensitive information.

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