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Examples of 'conniving' in a Sentence


1. His conniving plan backfired when his accomplice turned against him.
2. The conniving lawyer used underhanded tactics to win the case.
3. The conniving ex-boyfriend spread rumors about his former girlfriend to ruin her reputation.
4. The conniving rival tried to sabotage his competition's project.
5. The conniving business partner embezzled funds from the company without anyone noticing.
6. Her conniving tactics in the boardroom shocked her colleagues.
7. The conniving character schemed to undermine the hero.
8. He hatched a conniving plan to outwit his competitors.
9. The conniving politician was involved in a major scandal.
10. Conniving behavior can lead to a loss of trust.
11. A conniving plot unfolded in the shadows of the story.
12. The conniving villain used deception to achieve power.
13. Her conniving actions damaged her reputation irreparably.
14. The conniving spy infiltrated the enemy's organization.
15. Conniving individuals often face consequences for their actions.
16. The conniving duo conspired to steal the priceless artifact.
17. Conniving characters are a staple in many thrillers.
18. He displayed conniving behavior to gain an unfair advantage.
19. The conniving assistant sabotaged her colleague's work.
20. Conniving tactics rarely lead to long-term success.
21. The conniving mastermind pulled the strings behind the scenes.
22. Conniving characters add intrigue to the plot.
23. The conniving plot unraveled with shocking revelations.
24. The conniving antagonist plotted revenge against the hero.
25. His conniving nature made him an unpredictable adversary.

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