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Definition of 'scheming'

Making secret plans or plotting devious strategies to achieve personal goals or to manipulate others.
"The scheming coworker always seemed to have ulterior motives behind every action."

Detailed Meaning of 'scheming'

It describes a person who engages in calculated and cunning behavior, often with the intention of gaining an advantage or controlling a situation to their benefit. 'Scheming' individuals are often characterized by their craftiness, deceitfulness, and strategic thinking. They carefully devise and execute plans, often keeping their true intentions hidden or masked. Scheming behavior can involve manipulating others, exploiting vulnerabilities, or engaging in underhanded tactics to achieve desired outcomes. 'Scheming' can be associated with negative connotations, suggesting a lack of moral scruples or a disregard for the well-being of others. It implies a manipulative nature and a willingness to deceive or betray others to further one's own interests.


Examples of 'scheming' in a Sentence

1. The scheming student crafted a plan to steal the final exam's answers.
2. She cast a wary eye at the scheming politician during the debate.
3. John's scheming nature made trust in him almost impossible.
4. The scheming wizard whispered dark enchantments into the night.
5. She smiled, revealing a scheming mind behind her innocent look.
6. In the moonlight, the scheming thief slipped into the mansion.

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Origins & Etymology of 'scheming'

The word 'scheming' traces its origins to the Old French term 'esquime,' which emerged in the 14th century. This Old French word, in turn, derived from the Late Latin word 'schemare,' which meant 'to form a plan or project.' The Latin root 'schema' referred to a plan or outline. Over time, as the English language evolved, 'scheming' emerged as an adjective to describe individuals who engage in the crafty and cunning formulation of secret plans or devious strategies to further their personal goals or manipulate others. This etymology reflects the notion of carefully constructing plans or schemes, often with an element of deceit or intrigue.

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