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Examples of 'consternation' in a Sentence


1. The politician's controversial statement was met with consternation from the public.
2. The unexpected drop in stock prices caused consternation among investors.
3. The malfunction of the main equipment moments before the performance caused consternation backstage.
4. Her decision to quit her stable job and travel the world was met with consternation from her family.
5. The mysterious disappearance of valuable artifacts from the museum led to consternation among the curators.
6. The sudden change in leadership direction caused consternation among the organization's members.
7. The delay in the project's timeline resulted in consternation among the stakeholders.
8. The misprinted invitations for the event caused consternation among the hosts.
9. The rumor of impending layoffs spread consternation throughout the company.
10. The unexpected closure of the local store led to consternation in the community.
11. His failure to follow through on his promises caused consternation among his supporters.
12. The airline's last-minute schedule changes caused consternation for travelers.
13. The news of the impending storm brought consternation to coastal residents.
14. The playwright's decision to alter the ending of the play caused consternation among the cast and crew.

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