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Examples of 'consume' in a Sentence

1. They consume the daily news with great interest, always staying informed.
2. Don't let your worries consume your peace of mind.
3. In the ecosystem, predators consume their prey to maintain the balance of nature.
4. To stay hydrated, you must consume at least eight glasses of water daily.
5. You need to consume less sugar and focus more on balanced nutrition.
6. She couldn't allow her anger to consume her; it wouldn't solve anything.
7. The upcoming festival will consume a lot of the city's resources.
8. We consume too much and waste even more, creating an unsustainable lifestyle.
9. Many vehicles consume large quantities of gas, contributing to pollution.
10. The invasive species began to consume the local plants, causing an imbalance.
11. People often consume media without critically evaluating its content.
12. The increasing urbanization continues to consume fertile farmlands.
13. To fuel our body for workouts, we must consume a good amount of protein.
14. She decided to consume a hearty breakfast before the big race.
15. The wildfire threatened to consume the entire forest.
16. In the summer heat, they eagerly consumed icy cold lemonade.
17. The factory's smokestacks continued to consume fossil fuels.
18. He couldn't resist the urge to consume the delicious chocolate cake.
19. The voracious reader could consume a novel in a single day.
20. The athletes needed to consume extra calories to fuel their workouts.
21. The virus could rapidly consume the body's energy and strength.
22. The city's population began to consume more water during the drought.
23. They watched in awe as the tornado seemed to consume everything in its path.
24. The demand for smartphones continues to consume vast amounts of resources.

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